Looking to Travel to Tibet!

Hi all,

I am hoping to travel to Nepal next year and am looking at either going to Tibet or Northern India too. I’m leaning heavily towards Tibet at the moment but not sure how easy it is to visit and how costly.

Looking for any recommendations for resources or any tips in general

Cheers :)



    Good luck, I wanna go to Tibet at some point too. You plan to do any climbing? Make sure your fit & prepared mentally & physically.


      Not any technical mountaineering but I will doing a trek in Nepal! I was in Nepal a few years ago and completed the Three High Passes trek starting from Jiri

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    All those 'free Tibet' stickers don't mean what most Ozbargainers think it might mean.

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      Highlight Tribe - Free Tibet (Vini Vici remix) ;)

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        It's an absolute banger of a song :)

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      "Hi I'm here to claim my free state, where do I redeem this coupon?"


    i really want to meet dalai lama….


      Dalai lama lives in India.


    and the llama

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    Hi Heracles26,

    I went to Tibet about 3.5 years ago. I've traveled to over 40 countries and I've got to say, Tibet is the only place I would not recommend anyone to go to.

    Unfortunately it's one of those places where the government set out what you can see (i.e. they don't really like you roaming around), so you have to go on a set tour with a restricted itinerary. You don't really get to experience much of Tibetan culture as a lot of the Tibetans have either been pushed out to rural areas, sought refuge in another country or have been killed. Throughout the time we were there, I felt like we were being watched by Big Brother, with every few hours on the road, we'd have to pass through checkpoints manned my military with big guns checking our passports. Yes the scenery is beautiful, but I wouldn't say any more beautiful than other countries we've visited, there is a lot of barren land. You are not allowed to mention the Dalai Lama or even bring in a Lonely Planet guide (This will be confiscated at the border if you are caught with it). The Tibetan flag is also banned. In terms of cost, we paid about US$2000 each which we later learnt all went to a Chinese company as most Tibetans aren't allowed to own businesses.

    I would say however, if you'd like to learn and experience Tibetan culture, head to Northern India to Dharmasala/Mcleod Ghanj, where the exiled government of Tibet live. This was an amazing place where Tibetans could truly practice their culture and religion with no restrictions. It was one of the best experiences I've had. We volunteered teaching English there and met some incredible Tibetans with unbelievable stories about their escape from Tibet and the 'Free Tibet' movement. I would highly recommend going there. It also is an incredibly beautiful location with stunning scenery.

    Feel free to PM if you'd like further info or for the link to my blog - sorry to be a bit of downer though!


      Thanks for the detailed and honest reply!

      That is enough to put me off visiting entirely unfortunately. It almost sounds like the North Korea tours I have read about. I am a very independent traveller so it doesn't sound like my cup of tea at all.

      I think Nth India might be the way to go then, it sounds amazing really!


        Pleasure :)

        If you go to Mcleod Ganj - make sure you volunteer (even if you only have 1 day to spare!) at Tibet World


          Awesome thanks for the tip :)