Help with GST Refund at Airport?

Hi All!

How does the GST tax refund work at the international airport? I am a citizen, leaving three weeks for a holiday and then returning.

I bought a Gucci bag for $950 and it is within 60 days of me departing. Can I get a GST refund for this? How does it work when bringing it back to Australia?

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    You need the tax invoice with the GST amount clearly showing on it.

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    Here is all the information you require.

    TL;DR: Download the app, fill in all the requested info, line up at TRS counter before flight, get refund.

    Easy peasy.

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      Eugh. Nothing about the TRS system is "easy peasy". OP - Get there about an hour earlier than you would otherwise. Be prepared for the app to not work, to have to fill out a physical form, and for there to be a line. Might not happen, but you don't want to risk anything with an international flight.

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    1000 is fine

    over 1000 , throw the packaging away and ask your friend to carry it back (not necessary as they won't keep track of your 1k gucci , only happens when you claimed gst for 50k Tiffany engagement ring)


      Uh, I did that on a Tiffany engagement ring before, all they did was asking me 'Are you going to bring this back into Australia?'.
      Of course if you show up to the TRS counter with your partner both holding Australian passport, then you're asking for trouble.


    maybe google TRS and check the official website


    Google has all the answers you need. This is a straight forward question


    You don't need help until you've done you're part and googled TRS. If you don't understand, then maybe ask for help.


    max is meant to be $900/person, so if in a group of 5, max purchases can be $4500, with GST of $409 (1/11th not 1/10th)