Kogan 35" Ultrawide monitors


Looking into purchasing one of these, has anyone got any experience with them?
I'm just wondering whether the monitor screen is matte finish and if the stand is a of a metal material.

Thanks :)

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  • 6ms response and 1080P. Little disappointing for the price IMO.

    • Yes, it's not the fastest response time monitor, but this price is actually very cheap. You won't find another monitor that does 144Hz and is 34"+
      Take for example the LG 34UM69G-B, it is 75Hz refresh rate, with 5ms response time for approx. $500. It's not much of a jump until you're paying in the ranges of $800 which I don't see worth. Also, in LG's product line, a 34" 144Hz Ultrawide is about $900

      I know 1080P is not a good resolution for a monitor this size, but you won't notice too much if you're not sitting very close up to the monitor. Also, it were to be 1440P, having 144Hz may be redundant if you don't have a higher end graphics card that's capable of achieving high frame rates.

  • OP the 200Hz version is currently the same price as the 144Hz version too, so if you decide to bite, maybe check that out.

    • Ya, that's what I have my eyes on but figured I'd get the reviews off people who purchased the 144hz/75hz one that's why I linked 144hz one, :) Thanks