Bluetooth Dongle for Wireless Headphones

I have ordered the plantronics backbeat pro 2 headphones and am looking for a suitable dongle to plug into my PC.

Can anyone recommend a good product or brand?

Thanks :)



    I have a Gigabyte GC-WB867D-I containing an Intel 8260 card in a windows 10 PC.

    I've had mixed luck with CSR-based dongles, and better luck with Intel and Broadcom-based dongles.


      Thanks for the reply!

      Excuse my ignorance but what are CSR based dongles?

      I was looking for a simple USB dongle ideally. Would they be suitable enough? I only plan on watching movies on my PC using the wireless headphones from a few metres away


        Don't forget to have handy a media player that can do audio delaying (well, more like video delaying in this case) if you end up having the audio come through delayed after the video.

        The usual suspects I believe all do it though like VLC and MPC.


        CSR is the brand of bluetooth chip used in many cheap USB dongles.

        I have the Plantronics Backbeat Pro 2 which I mainly use with my phone. The phone supports the APT-X codec so the sound quality is good.

        I have a cheap USB bluetooth dongle that doesn't support APT-X and the sound quality is noticeably poorer. I highly recommend you get a bluetooth dongle that supports APT-X if you want the best audio quality.


          Awesome thanks for the info!

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