Keeping It Real - Gumtree Etiquette Video

Heya all,

I came across Gumtree’s YouTube video - Keeping it Real

It’s like an ‘etiquette on Gumtree’ video kind of thing. I think it’s a good start to raise more awareness when transacting. Nevertheless, it’s a bit general. Hope they cover payment transaction tips someday.

PS: I’m not associated with Gumtree; just want to share to the community.

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  • +1

    1,288 views since May 11, and 5 Likes, I'm guessing it's not reaching out to a lot of people…

    • Yeah, I also just found it by chance. Looks like it’s not promoted enough.

  • Etiquette? Since when do scammers care about etiquette?

    If the video does get popular, they'll just use it to think of more creative ways to scam.

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