Returning Worn Shoes to Myer?

I've got a bit of a problem. I bought some shoes from Myer about a week or so ago and wore them for the first time today and, despite feeling fine on the store's carpeted flooring, they are too big to the point that they are rubbing skin off my feet and causing major discomfort and pain to me. And to make matters worse there's some scuff marks on them from using them today.

These shoes aren't really fit for purpose considering they are actively harming me, would Myer allow me to exchange them for a different size?

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    Err it sounds like you screwed up by not making sure the shoes actually fit properly on your feet…

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      They felt completely fine when I tried them on in store though :( And when I wore them today they felt completely different and damaged my feet (and legs are all sore too cause I had to walk funny to stop my feet from being wrecked), surely there's something I can do here cause $50 down the drain is not exactly something I want

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        $50 for a pair of shoes is nothing. Did you go to court today or something and you simply don’t need your shoes anymore?

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        They're only $50. Take it as a lesson to not buy shoes at Myers worth $50. For a second I thought you bought like Aquila shoes or something.

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        Next time, if you can't trust the instore fit, make sure to wear them around your home (indoors where they won't get scuffed or visibly worn) for a day or something.

        I thought everyone did this?

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        Unless the shoes magically changed overnight, no - you bought the wrong shoes. Christ, "personal responsibility" is a thing.

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          There is one more possibility. The OP's feet could have shrunk overnight as well!

        • @websterp:

          Woah, that's clearly someone else's fault!

        • @Ughhh: Ok ok, I'll fess up. It was me. I went into OP's home last night and shaved an inch off his feet….

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    what did myer say when you rang them and asked?

    • Haven't called since it's a bit late now, hoped someone here could help me out in the meantime

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        Lemme ask Myer first thing tomorrow morning. But please remind me, hmmkay?

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    maybe wear socks until your feet break them in?

    • Socks were definitely on when I wore them and it didn't help

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        maybe wear another pair of socks?

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        Or get an orthopedic sole, i used to have uncomfortable shoes, you need a good sole, and good thick socks, then it can take months to break shoes in. So of course they may be uncomfortable for a long time. Thats the nature of what you bought, shoes.

  • Get some cheap insoles from woolies or coles. I use them when the shoes is about a size bigger than I'd like. They work fine.

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    Do you think Myer can sell your scuffed shoes for full price?

  • Many years ago, I was young and naive and bought some Aquila shoes that didn't quite fit right instore, the salesman said, don't worry over time the leather will stretch and they will be great! Lies! Anyhoo, they never did.

    So, can't remember where I bought them from or what they are called (heel protector inserts?), but I got these and put them in and it at least stopped the blisters on the heel. Everywhere else, not as much.

    • They are in sales, a salesperson job is to get the sale, they will say whatever it takes to do that, lies are just part of the job.

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    Oh god. The number of times I heard this "not fit for purpose" line back in the day.

    If something is not fit for its intended purpose, fair enough. E.g. you bought a measuring tape, but it doesn't measure like it was intended to because it has no measurements on it.

    In contrast to you bought said measuring tape then come back saying it's not fit for purpose because it doesn't drill holes in the wall and thus are entitled to a refund/exchange. Eff off lol. Stop trying to extort the system and twist words to make up for your change of mind.

    This is a change of mind. You effed up. Own it.

    Customers like this are the reason retail sucks and retailers have to jack up prices. A-holes like this and thieves.

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      Also, in the context of your scenario. The shoe fits its purpose. It's a shoe. It fits whatever size it was designed to fit.

      Your foot doesn't fit the shoe you purchased.

      • As a person who works in retail i see these kind of customers everyday. I wish I could say what you said to their face. People need to learn to own upto their mistakes and stop trying to blame others. These people ruin nice things to everyone.

        • It's even more annoying when they pull out the fair trading card, thinking that'll scare you to get them what they want (dick move) OR they are genuinely an idiot. Sometimes both apply.

          Note: I'm not saying the OP is any of the above douchebags cases. However, definitely misinformed and needs to learn otherwise. Own it and move on. Again, if there is something wrong with the product (manufacturer fault) or the salesperson who sold it to you described it differently e.g. they brought out a size 9 and you asked for an 8 or you asked for a brown one and they sold you a black one (retailer's fault) without checking with you, that's a different story.

        • @emptypocket: I actually am not tempted to be this generous to OP. You'd have to be willfully misinformed to actually think that buying the wrong sized shoes makes them "not fit for purpose".

      • I just found this and have to comment. You clearly don't have any clue about shoes and fits. Yes there are shoe sizes but rarely do brands actually conform to them properly. This is why you need to try shoes on. Some shoes are true to size, some are not. I have gotten US size 9 Puma sneakers and they were an utter disaster, way too narrow and way too small - even though US size 9 is my actual shoe size.

        Too bad I can't downvote how wrong this comment is anymore.

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    These shoes aren't really fit for purpose considering they are actively harming me

    The shoes are fit for purpose, just not fit for you due to you picking the wrong size. Usually stores are pretty understanding in shoe fittings, it's recommend you try walking indoors on carpet to test them, if you want the opportunity to return them. You would have more sympathy if the shoes were bought online, but since you actually tried them instore…

    That being said, you can always ask and try your luck. If you pull out "not fit for purpose" reason though, I think you'll make em laugh.

    • Just be honest about it. You're more likely to get them going above and beyond if you seem genuine and a nice person. People make mistakes. It's very likely they probably won't be able to if it looks worn and no longer in a pristine condition. However, try your luck, they may be able to help you out.

      Someone who makes one lose faith in humanity on the other hand, will want to make the retail assistant go out of their way to find any and every reason to say no, GTFO.

  • Call Myers about their returns/exchange policy.

    Most of the time when I buy generic new shoes, I expect to have to break into them. There will be some specific points where I need to stick a band aid on my feet, until it softens that part of the shoe. Unless I have something custom fit, these are generic sizes and shapes, whilst everyone's feet are unique.

    Having said that, I bought a $350+ pair of walking shoes at athletes foot, under their Myfit program. They did measurements, some electronic pressure sensor thing etc and then recommended me to the right shoe and added a ridiculously expensive foot pad, because of the way my feet arched etc. I did end up getting a refund due to discomfort. Now I dont expect to get blisters after having something they claim was "professionally fitted". They had no problems that it was worn as it was part of their policy.

    • Athletes Foot are great when it comes to fit policies.

  • Sometimes it can be hard but always try to seek out a hard floor in the store when trying on shoes. Carpet makes shoes always feel better.

  • Did you buy them in the evening/at night? If so, always try on shoes at the start of the day. Your feet swell over the day so if you bought them at the end of the day they would have fit perfectly in the shop but now they don’t fit when you put them on first thing.

    Sell them on a buy swap sell for 70% of the price.

  • I would imagine it would be a no. They can't do anything with these shoes…they can't sell them as new. They would essentially be throwing money down the drain. I think you need to cut your losses.

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    Do you think it's fair for Myer to take your worm scuffed shoes back?

  • No exchange - Cant wear something and then expect them to accept it because you didn't choose the right size.

    I cant eat half a Double Big Mac and then decide it's too much food and expect them to take my half eaten mess and give me my money back.

  • they are too big to the point that they are rubbing skin off my feet and causing major discomfort and pain to me.

    That's not "not fit for purpose". That's "you bought the wrong size". That's on you - up to Myer if they want to offer you an exchange, but they certainly don't have to.

  • If you can shine your shoes so they present as new, then I think it is reasonable to exchange them for your size error.
    If you can't, it is your responsibility to make sure you select the correct pair next time, and to ensure their fit before you commence wearing them.

    • ULPT: use car shine products on shoes that you don’t intend to keep

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    These shoes aren't really fit for purpose considering they are actively harming me,

    Seriously dude, how old are you? You screwed up - don't make up these bs excuses to try get a refund. You would sound like an idiot just saying that the shoes are "actively harming you". Are the shoes running after you with a knife or something?

    People who work in retail are humans too and understand that people screw up. In most cases, they'll try to help you if they can.
    If you come up with this kind of bs and try to put the blame back on them, I dare say that you'll piss people off and some might even go out of their way to make your life difficult.

  • You don't wear womens shoes do you?

  • Are you wearing thinner socks?

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