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Onkaparinga 85/15 Hungarian Goose down Quilts, 40% off - Queen Size: Was $699.00, Now $419.40 Shipped


40% off our European Collection
This 85/15 Hungarian goose down quilt is expertly constructed in Europe, features luxurious Hungarian White Goose down fill and a superfine cotton casing. The extra-large dense clusters ensure its amazing loft. It is finished with a piped gusset and a superior Hungarian made cotton japara. Goose down has been sourced from RDS Certified suppliers and is of the highest quality. No rainchecks.

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    David Jones is also selling it at the same price. So if you want to pick up in a physical store or have discount vouchers or gift cards you might want to check it out there.

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    Hungarian goose down eh?

    I've always been more of a Moldovan Pheasant down man myself and was told recently that the hard to find Montenegro Grouse down is life changing.

    Hmmm choices choices.

    • WAM!

  • Was $699.00?

  • Was $699.00?

  • Or less than $360 for 95% Hungarian goose down quilts made in 'Straya here.

    • Hi,

      Cheers for the link, they have some good quilts.

      Would you recommend a king size for queen bed to have the overhang or are the queen generous in size?

      Also whats your experience in their warmth rating ie. 1-2, 4-5 etc.

      Thanks again

      • I've got 1 and 3 warmth rating quilts from them and I can only use the former as it's warm enough for me. Whenever I've used the latter, I would wake up in the middle of the night slightly sweaty. It depends on your room temperature and also a bit on the humidity level. Their "1 blanket warmth" quilt is probably double the warmth of my bamboo blanket, so it's not an exact science. My advice is to have:
        1. A flat sheet that you use to cover yourself during warmer weather.
        2. A blanket during normal weather
        3. A medium-warmth quilt for colder weather

        In addition to the above, have two levels of clothing warmth for versatility. For example, you might have a cool night during an otherwise warm week , so instead of changing your cover, just change your clothing.

        Personally, I don't like overhang as it creates weight on legs and/or feet. If you're buying comparatively lightweight material quilts like these, then I don't see the point in adding weight by having a larger than necessary size. If you've got the cash, then you can look at alpaca quilts made in Australia.

    • Kahn - Have you purchased from Alpine?

      • +1

        Yeah, I bought the 1 and 3 blanket warmth Polish goose down quilts. Quick delivery, no issues.

        • thank you

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