How to Sell a Jazz CD Collection - 5000 CDs

Hi All,

Looking for some advice. My father has recently passed away and has left behind a very large collection of CDs as well as some vinyl.

There are approximately 5000 Jazz CDs and about 1000 Classical CDs including some boxed sets. There's also 250 vinyl records.

I dont listen to Jazz and dont really understand the value of the collection.

I'm looking to sell this collection but not sure about the best way. I've approached some 2nd hand CD shops here in Sydney, and some said they may be interested, but i wonder if there's any other way? Is there a Jazz Collector club somewhere that i dont know about? What other options are there? Gumtree/Ebay?

thanks in advance for any advice anyone might have!


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    Dont sell till you ascertain the value, if you sell a rare most wanted item for $2 the buyer isnt gonna say, "are you sure? Its actually worth triple digit $ or more"

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      that's the challenge. how do i ascertain value of 5000 jazz cds i know nothing about? I'd love some impartial valuer to have a look but dont know where to find one

      So far a couple of used cd store ppl said they'll come and have a look. Im guessing their offers will be quite low though

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        guess you'll need to keep eyes open for a list of whats valuable to collectors and see if one of them is in your collection

        Edit: as you said focus on the vinyls and not cd s

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    The first rule of jazz collector club is that you do not talk about jazz collector club

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    A few tips

    Conduct a search on eBay for the items you have.

    When the search shows similar items, change the settings to completed itrems. This will show you the items that sold and did not sell. This will provide you guidance as to current market prices.

    Note that demand for almost any goods runs in cycles. Some days they are worth lots and others next to nothing.

    You should also realise that with the advent of digital online music and rdownloads the demand for CDs is in reality next to zero. If you cannot sell them consider donating to charity.

    The vinyl records however may be worth something as there are many collectors chasing vinyl. Again, conduct a search on eBay. You may alos want to conduct your search on instead of The US website reveals more results than the Australian one. You should select an item and amend the postal location to overseas.


    Cash Converters


      50c a pop?


      I recently took an item to Cash Converters (too fiddly and large to sell on eBay) but also took along a few unwanted Blu Ray, DVD and CD's for interests sake. CD's were offering 10c a piece. I'm not lying. I'd doubt they'd take 5000 either. They wouldn't want the hassle. I ended up donating the DVD's and CD's to op shop as the return literally wasn't worth my time and the process itself is crazy slow.

      For information a Blu Ray movie $1.00, DVD movie $0.20, DVD TV Series $1.00.


    Probably another jazz collector would buy them, but I don't see why anyone else would. You could send them all to Amazon couldn't you and they would list each one for you?


      is that a thing? amazon would create listings for used CDs i send them??
      even so, i REEAALLY dont want to sell them 1 by 1, posting 5000 items individually will take me 10 years :)


    I'd be interested in some of the Jazz CDs in late July.

    Currently purchasing some hard to get titles from overseas before the GST kicks in.

    If you have a decent camera,take some photos of the spines and post online.


      only phone camera, but can do it in high res. It'll take a long time to even look through photos of 5000 disks though..


    I'm interested but not sure how to contact you, is it possible to send private messages on here?

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    I would suggest joining and go through their forums. There is a classified section and other forums in which people who specialize in collecting will be able to give you an idea what they are worth. Stereonet has a lot more upmarket buyers willing to pay good price for collectables, especially good quality old school records and even more so now with the current hipster vinyl craze. On anything highly collectable you would probably get best prices on sites like ebay if you were willing to ship overseas (Collectors from the U.S. Europe and Japan will pay big money for rare items), but that is a big job and posting vinyl safely is a pain. So work out how much work your willing to put in, do you want to sell them as a few big lots or willing to put the effort in to sell them over time. Don't go to old retro type record shops unless you just want to get rid of the lot for nothing, as they will pay you close to that.

    On a side note I met a guy in Tassie who was selling very old Chinese records which he found in garage sales thanks to the tiny asian community there. He sold them to mainland Chinese for a fortune each as most of their's were destroyed in the cultural revolution and the demand for that type of thing now has become insane. I'm sure if you have some rare records in there you would get the same type of interest.


    I have a similar situation with a large stamp collection left by my grandfather, that apparently "has some valuable stamps in it".
    I have found that I would not get much at all selling it as a whole collection. But going through everything and trying to identify valuable items would be a huge time investment, especially if you know nothing about the products. So they are still sitting on the shelf

    As an aside, I have a lot of CDs and vinyl and have tried to sell some on ebay, and there just seems to be no market for it, unless it is really collectible


    Big job! You could engage someone through Airtasker to list for you on Ebay, as no doubt you'll get a better result by selling them individually than in bulk.

    Search 'ebay' in airtasker and you will find similar, although smaller, jobs. See if it is for you.


    Not sure how quick you want to sell these items, but I would catalogue them on Discogs using the App, then look and see if there are any other sellers selling the same item and what they are asking for them.


      yes, someone mentioned the discogs app to me recently so i grabbed it. Have lookup up 10 or my vinyls in there so far, nothing special. I'll do the rest of the vinyls (250), but wont bother with the cds. Just too big a job and i doubt any particular cd is going to be collectible


    Unfortunately CD's are a dead media and no one really sees any value in them. i was in cash converters recently and they were selling all their CD's for $1. You can try buyers groups on facebook i'm part of a couple is a good one but as you will see on there CD's barely get any love you will probably be able to sell your vinyl.

    You could possibly hold them for another 20 years and hope they go the way of vinyl and have a resurgence

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