How much did you pay for your bond or end of lease clean??

Hey guys .

How much did your bond clean cost ?

Please state how many bedrooms etc & what was included. Location .

Ours was recently $768 with carpets cleaning / pest and interior / exterior clean . Average 4 bedroom house in regional QLD


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    Why ask? You have already paid and whatever we say has no bearing on you and you can't change what you've paid………..

    we paid $200. Does that help you?


    I have no experience with houses or regional QLD. But if you went through professionals where the company gets a slice, that sounds about right for a large house (assuming 2 legally-paid employees for a full-day of work).


    I’m just curious to know

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    I also paid nothing as I did it myself. In my life I've left 5 rental properties and never paid a cent. When I was younger and living with my parents in rentals they never paid anything either at end of tenancy.

    I/we spent several hours on cleaning each time to make it look as good as I/we could.

    There is no need to employ a service to clean a property at the end of the tenancy. There is no formal qualification to become a cleaner so you can do it yourself.


      I always left a property in identical or (usually) better state than when I entered, though a few dodgy real estate agents would try and claim extra fees from the bond for cleaning - I always challenged it and won.


    Ours was recently $768 with carpets cleaning / pest and interior / exterior clean

    Price also varies on how clean you left it as well ;)

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    keep the house clean whilst you live in it. do a thorough final clean once everything is out of the house.


    Large 3br townhouse, Sydney
    - cleaning $590
    - carpet cleaning $240
    - pest control (coz we had a cat and the lease required it) $165

    We moved interstate on the same day the moving truck left so we just wanted it done, didn't want to stick around & clean ourselves.


    If it takes you more than a day cleaning then there are bigger issues.

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