Looking to Buy Bose QC35 for $368, is this the best price?

Found here using the eBay voucher from today:


The only thing is that I've been out of the game lately, so not sure if I can find it cheaper somewhere else.


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    I am waiting for a decent deal too, and I won't buy from eBay stores.


      if i see a good non-ebay deal, i will let you know (for the record, I'm okay with eBay after some good experiences).


      i did find the QC35ii for $399.95 at Amazon (if you use the new customer voucher: AMAZON20).

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      Just curious - why won’t you buy from an eBay store? I use to think this way - but after purchasing my drones and these head phones from eBay stores with these vouchers.. it beats buying from in-store

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    Tried to get JBHifi to match it today, the lowest they'd go was $399.


    I dropped the hammer for the $368.

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