Backpack Suggestions?

I'm looking at getting a new backpack, I use it to carry my lunch to work (I drive) along with my 12.9" iPad Pro, AirPods, 20000mAh Battery bank and a couple of other things. I'd also like to use it for trips away and take my Switch, GoPro5 and maybe one of my Micro 4/3s bodies with a lens or two.

Now my current backpack is just a generic all in one compartment backpack, I'd like to get one with a couple of compartments so I can keep my lunch separated from my electronics.

I was looking on Amazon and found a couple of possibilities, but I'm completely open to suggestions.

I like the look of this one:
This one is a bit bland:

Any suggestions for a backpack? I'm not looking to spend a fortune either…



    The 1st one looks really nice and functional. The amazonbasics one in this case.. is too basic.


    I bought an AmazonBasics Adventure pack for $25, the thing seems indestructible.


    I got the AmazonBasics one last week and I can highly recommend it. I'm not saying I have a problem, but I have 22 backpacks at the moment because I keep finding ones I like, and I would have to say the Amazon one is great - especially at the price.


      I think you have a backpack issue. Why would you need so many? I would think 4 max. Sports, office, adventure, & a small day pack.


        yep, definitely an issue - I have no problem with that :)

        Honestly, I like to collect good backpacks. I could try to justify it, but that's the truth - I do use them at different times, but the real reason is I just like to collect them.

        I have my favourite everyday backpack - which is the AmazonBasics 17 inch right now - but I do use other ones at different times.


          @wallet72 Its not a criticism. I'm a grown man and a Lego collector. I mean I don't even really make the sets anymore. Use my kids to justify buying more, but at least those ones they will make. If I let them.

          Having said that it does pay in someway as I just sold a retired set for 2.5x original cost, but the money might have been better spent elsewhere.

          Anyway I digress from the OP post. Herschel bags are good. My Son just brought a Pop quiz Aspect. He's a uni student, but still a nice bag for work. There are a lot of designs. They are a tad expensive, but should last.



          Collecting Lego? Yeah that's normal, my bag thing not so much :)

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          I'm not sure its normal when I have at least 15+ sets unmade. Have put them on Gumtree to sell now because they were taking too much space in my closet.