expired [VIC] Hibiki Japanese Harmony Whisky 700ml $99.99 @ Costco (Moorabbin) [Membership Required]


Just picked up this item from Costco Moorabbin for $99.99. Checked with DM couple days ago and it's priced over $110+ (I can't remember the exact price tag at DM).

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    Stupid SA has Costco but no alcohol sales!

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    There are a lot of better whisky's at this price point. The Harmony is a blended NOA (not of age). Unfortunately they have pulled the 12 and 17 yr expressions (they were fantastic).It's still nice though. Try the Glenmornagie Nectar , goes on sale at times for $80.00. If you happen to be in Japan you can find mini bottles (50Ml's) of the 12 and 17 Hibiki at great prices - cheaper than purchasing a 700mL bottle if you had bought multiple of the little guys. Also the 12yr Dalmore is a fantastic scotch at the same price point.


    Will Dans price match Costco?

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    Don't touch this. Non age statement blended crap.. Tastes awful.


      Placebo effect?
      Aged is not always better, for example i remember Aldi was selling a 25 or 30yr Whiskey and it tasted barely any better than a no age.

      The aged Hibiki definitely tastes better however considerably more expensive. Sadly the Japanese are moving away from age statements in most of their lines.

      The Hibiki Harmony isn't bad especially if you like japanese whiskey. Sadly we get ripped off on them due to a large markup. If i remember correctly duty free sells this for $70-80 and in Japan you can get this for even cheaper.


      Whisky is very subjective in term of flavour and preference. :-)

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