SSD Upgrade for Asus Laptop

Hello fellow bargain hunters,

I have a second-hand ASUS laptop that I'd like to setup for the parents and I would like to install a cheap SSD so it's a bit more zippy than your standard HDD.

120GB will suffice and I've been looking at the following:

  • Kingston A400
  • SanDisk SSD Plus 120GB
  • Kingston UV400
  • Kingston UV500
  • ADATA SU650
  • Intel 545s Series

A few questions:
1. I notice on Kingston UV500 that it has 3D TLC; is this meant to be superior to just TLC?
2. I couldn't find the specs for the SanDisk on their website so not sure what type of memory that has?

What is everyone's thoughts on the above SSD's? Are there others I should consider instead?

Budget = No more than $80 unless there's big difference between that price and something around the $100 mark in terms of performance.

I appreciate any assistance you may provide =)


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    Just get the cheapest unit you can find…
    The read/write speed of pretty much any SSD will far exceed the rest of the system's capabilities to process data anyway.

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    As above. I've put a Kingston A400 in my old Toshiba, it made a huge difference. WD Green is also around the same price.


    I figured as much but thought I'd check. Thank you scubacoles and roundnumbersonly!

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