Worth to buy the iPhone now?

Hi all,
Optus contract ends soon and I want to buy the iPhone X off contract/outright. Should I buy it now? Or wait? I already got a buyer for my current phone, so thinking of just getting it next week. Although am having doubts, any ideas?


  • No, better to buy it tomorrow, just relax for today and prepare for the match France vs Australia tonight.

  • Well, the apple announcement/release is probably 3 months away so you are buying nearing the end of release. I haven't heard much about the next iteration leaks except for the screen size and that it might have USB-C instead of lightning connector.

  • apple products hold their value well. I would buy cheap where possible (you're an ozbargain member after all), then sell that and upgrade whenever you're ready by selling the X.

  • Optus has a 20% Family and Friends offer to discount on the plan. I was looking at it today, you can get a $110 per month for a 64GB iPhone X with 100GB data and 4GB data for use when roaming + unlimited roaming for call/text.

    Let me know in PM if you or anyone else would like a referral link :)
    I think it is available if it's a new service, which should include recontracting.

  • Wait. The X is most likely end of life, not to be continued. You're nearing the end of the cycle too, new phones will be released after the American summer.

  • Its entirely up to OP when he/she buys an iphone X.
    The price will always be lower in the future.
    The price will be even lower after a new model comes out.
    The price will be lower again after 2 new models have been released.

    The longer you wait, the cheaper it gets.

    But then one decides that the new model just released is better than the iphone X.
    So the process starts all over again.

    So if you really want the iphone X just get it.