Toilet suite / dunny with Decent Size, Durable Seat, Good Hygeine, Easy Clean

Hi Ozbargain,

Can anyone find/recommend me a toilet suite under $400 which has the following features:
1. Durable scratch-resistant seat
2. Easy click removable seat
3. Close coupled or wall facing
4. Good size. The one's I have seen at Bunnings have a small seat small "pond", which does not leave enough room for "pre-flush storage"
5. Easy to clean and no/low maintenance
6. Half-flush and full-flush options
7. If soft-close seat - -should close in under 5 seconds. If not, I can live without soft-close. I prefer to shut the seat before flushing and do not want to wait in the dunny for 10 seconds before each flush.

I have a Mondella toilet in our ensuite and it works/flushes well but my only gripes are that the "pre-flush storage space" is very limited and the seat is not large enough. I don't mind the soft close in the ensuite because there's other things I can do there while the seat is closing. In the main dunny/WC people are generally in a bit of a hurry to flush and leave - and guests are not as patient as me.

Would appreciate some decent recommendations.