expired [PC] Origin - Battlefield 1 Standard Edition - $12.49 AUD/Battlefield 1 Revolution Edition - $22.48 AUD - Origin


According to ITAD this is the all-time lowest price for the standard version of Battlefield 1.
The Revolution Edition is a bit cheaper on Amazon but it seems to be unavailable/out of stock - I have not tried using a VPN so maybe it is available then. In that case it is a bit cheaper there at about $20.19 AUD.


Sale is until 21 June 9pm PDT.


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    don't bother getting the standard edition if you plan to play online. you don't get all the maps and you don't get premium queue access.

    new battlefield v will be out in about 5 months apparently

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    I would suggest that if you aren't already playing BF1, don't bother starting now unless you just want to play the single-player missions. Once BF5 is released into open beta, the BF1 servers will be completely empty.

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    ive played every battlefield since 1942, have over 600 hours in BF4, 400 hours on BF3.
    Battlefield 1 is the worst of them all. paid 60$ for about 5 hours play so far, its just terrible.
    if you dont have it dont bother