International calls on Mobile

Hi all,

What would you recommend for mobile plan (pre or post paid) which is reliable, good value and offers international calls?
Preferably unlimited and to India.



  • lebara has unlimited to india

  • Lyca mobile and Amaysim

  • Lyca, Amaysim & Aldi

  • Belong, pick a plan and add International for an extra $5 per month (or included in their $40 per month plan). Unlimited to India

  • Woolworths Mobile

  • Amaysim has unlimited calls to few counrtries, India is one of them.

  • You can use skype credit as an alternative to buying a dedicated sim card to make international calls. Skype has 800mins to India for 11.55/month (2500mins for 28.05/month if you need a larger plan). The benefit of skype (atleast in my opinion) is you don't have to buy a sim card to make calls as it uses a data connection.

    Plus multiple people can use the same account. Three of us use a single 11.55/month subscription and each person can make their own calls (setup skype to go). Furthermore, I did stock up on a couple of 50% off skype gift cards making it a no brainer for us.

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