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15% off Site-Wide Milligram.com - World Productivity Day


Milligram are celebrating World Productivity Day with 15% off site-wide, includes sale items. The perfect time to get started with stationery tools that can help you be more productive.

Choose from over 90 designer stationery and lifestyle accessories from Moleskine, LAMY, Rifle Paper Co., Delfonics, Crumpler, MiGoals and so much more.
Plus over 600 items have been added into the sale category. https://milligram.com/sale

Ends Thursday 21 June, 11am AEST.

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  • Where's the freebie?

  • +1

    With a store name like Milligram and promoting World Productivity Day, I was expecting a store that sells nootropics, stimulants, and the like. I'm most disappointed.

  • We like to see prices. Bargains have prices. That would be more productive.

    • click on the link …..they sell mainly stationary including pens, eg german Lamy, Japanese pilot and a few designer bags and cups , etc.

      Also items like Kate Spade bags and cups, she's the designer that killed herself a few weeks ago, surprised the hipsters haven't cleaned up


      from $39.95 to $24.95 …..

  • Celebrating World Productivity Day by telling us nothing whatsoever about what you sell.

  • OP if I buy Lamy fountain pen do I get a choice of nib size, or just whatever is on the shelf in the particular pen colour.

    Most pen shops will swap common nibs eg M for F for the size the customer wants (I normally write with F) …. understand some styles like italic and EB are usually extra to swap.

    • Depends somewhat on the pen also, as some nibs more common than others.

      You can also buy nibs seperate from stores/ebay/amazon. Usually quite cheap if the base pens like safari/al-star.
      I think Lamy themselves will swap a new nib also, perhaps for free or minimal cost. May need to ship to Germany or authorised place in AU. Can be handy if you buy their top range pens.

      • price for a nib is $15 on the cheap and $29 in many shops …hence will you swap for my preffered nib rather than I buy an extra.

        Expensive if you just buy a safari (plastic) or Al-star (aluminium).

        Tafts in Melbourne give you the choice of nib size, even on a $39 Safari, or $49 Al-star.

        Pen City do the same but are closed and renovating due to water damage.

        I have a bag with 3 of the default mediums … and 3 of the extra fine .. result of buying lamy at non-pen oriented stores eg David Jones

  • A lot of things are overpriced, has anyone found any good bargains?

    • None whatsoever in OP's title or description. Not even a single $ sign.

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