Cheap Periodontist?

My wife has periodontitis and has lost 1 tooth because of that, now second tooth is about to be lost. She got the following quotes from the periodontist.

  • non-surgical subgingival debridement - $650
  • Extraction - $150
  • after 12 weeks - evaluation + periodontal maintenance - $410
  • Ongoing periodontal maintenance - $320

Any recommendation for cheaper periodontist?

We are in the Eastern suburb of Melbourne - Vermont.



    There is little meaningful variation between dental providers in Australia, in my experience.
    If you hold a government healthcare card you may be able to access cheap or free services, but there is often a waiting list or a bit of a lottery. If you have the card I would definitely inquire, however.
    Universities that do dental training offer cut price clinics for the students, I was talking with a woman who used this recently for a filling for $20.
    The other possibility if restorative work is also desired like implants is to travel to Asia. On balance, I think this is viable, but there are horror stories about that too.


      And I left out sending a letter to your local member and their opponent stating it is ridiculous that dental is not covered by Medicare and that you will swing your vote for whoever brings it in.


    Thanks for the reply.


    The debridement is usually about 200 per tooth to be done privately I think.
    If you have a health care card U can be seen at the royal dental Hospital for free by students (who are supervised by specialists) or pay 28 dollars per visit up to 150(I think) by a qualified general dentist and It's up to 380 by a public specialised periodontist.


    i think the fees are quite reasonable considering it's a periodontist!
    worth checking out public dental if you don't mind waiting lists or seeing students.
    gum treatment is also carried out in general dental practices - especially if they have a dental hygienist. that being said, sounds like pretty advanced gum disease if she's already lost a tooth….

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