Soft Shell Jackets That Can Be Used Daily, Recommendations?


I am looking at replacing my 2006 Kathmandu Soft Shell Jacket which has seen better days. I wear it as my every day jacket, as it provides decent warmth but I do like the features such as a wind barrier and slight rain resistance, and have been very happy with so far. I also use it for day hikes and outdoor activities as well. I noticed Kathmandu have a sale at the moment and I have my eyes on the newer version of what I currently own:

My question is, for the money is the Kathmandu jacket I'm after decent? Or are there better alternatives? The only thing that's keeping me back from getting this jacket is mainly due to the colour (would prefer a single solid colour) to be honest due to the fact that I wear it every day including going to work.

I did stumble onto this link: which does give a wide review of different brands and jackets, however I imagine living in Australia I don't have the opportunity to go try them on or buy them easily.

Does anyone have any experience on brands, models or suggestions on what would be best?




    What work do you do?The K jacket actually looks good till I saw the price and that is discounted. Way overpriced for what it is. Understand about the colour. Would be fine for weekend. Or if black linings for work.

    Saw someone on train with similar styled black Diadora. Was going to ask him, but thought may be not. Should have as liked look of it. Looked good as the detail around pocket similar to K in matt details. All in black.


      I work as an engineer; majority of the time I work indoors so I wear the soft shell jacket to and from work and when I do go off site, I do like just carrying one jacket which blocks from wind and light rain. I currently just have a blue Kathmandu one which actually fits with the uniform colour scheme I have. I am looking for one that is just solid black or possibly a subtle blue (or other colour).

      I haven't owned any other soft shell jackets so I'm unsure on what features I exactly need, but I'm not after one with a hood. I do like the chest pocket as I'm able to store pens, papers, receipts in there, and the hand pockets are nice (my hands get cold). I also like the zip and collar which zips up high to keep my neck warm as well.


    I have a Snowgum soft shell I've had for many years. Here's their current one, available in black or navy:
    RRP $189.95, Club Price $129.95 (~31% off).

    I don't know what Club Price is, and there's nothing on their site explaining what it is! Just try signing up and see if it's free. :) The front page also says 30-70% off everything sale in-store and online. I'm guessing that they may be giving everyone the Club Price for the sale?

    The Kathmandu jacket in light grey doesn't seem to be too far out for office, but depends what you do.


      Thanks for your reply! I will have a look into the Snowgum options further!

      I am just on the fence with the grey with red highlights Kathmandu one, I know that it works as I've owned one for years and does what I need it to do; however I am just wondering for that price if there was something that was better for the money and something a bit more subtle.


        Yeah go that one. Get black and a blue so you don't have to worry about finding one next time. Believe you just have to sign up for club member. Free


    Not sure about 'quality' but this seems like it might fulfil your requirements and even comes with a hood.

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    I love my Kathmandu softshell best but I recently tried the cheaper Fila women’s softshell. It’s lightweight, wind proof and decent in a light shower. The men’s is on sale at the moment, reduced to $60 from 120.


      Looks like a parachute even on the model.


      Good find, catherinewheels. I was actually trying to find that this morning but missed it. I've got one from a couple of years ago - I think it's a slightly different cut. It feels just a little thinner than my Snowgum (see above), but it's just as warm as the Snowgum. Might not matter to OP as he's in Qld. :)

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