Discounted Freedom Furniture Gift Cards

Is there anywhere I can get discounted Freedom Furniture gift cards?
It seems the Discounted eGift Cards page is not up to date. Entertainment Book or RACQ Lifestyle no longer offers any discount. Blatchys Blues has a picture of Freedom on their rewards page, but can anyone confirm they offer it?



    Try and find someone who works for a company owned steinhoff (fantastic furniture, freedom, best and less, Harris scarff) as they receive 5% off from memory (could be more)


    Blatchys blues sell 9% off discount cards


    Depends what you're planning to spend, but consider the Freedom Membership (can't remember what its called?). Its not super expensive and you get a decent discount, AND they send you vouchers for your birthday and mother's day for $20 each time. So you can make the money back pretty quickly. I did it during the AMEX deal, so i've actually made money from it (in the form of Freedom credit)

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    There's a sellers on eBay who sells floor stock Freedom. I bought a tv cabinet from him, delivered from Sydney to Melbourne, for 1/3 of the price that the store sells (even with the freedom member discount)


      OOh thats actually a great idea. I bought stuff from them in the past, usually discontinued or something marked

      I'd also suggest (if you're in NSW?) that you try to Freedom Bankstown Seconds Stores, we got our couches (had to work hard to find some that matched) for like $1000 for the pair

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