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VPS Hosting - $3.30/Month (No Commitment), Sydney Hosted - DDOS Protected - 100% SSD @


VPS $3/month (excl. GST), recurring offer and commitment free!

100% SSD Virtual Private Server hosted in Sydney or Singapore.
LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE: Secure yours before they sell out.

  • 1 vCores (at 3.5GHz)
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 30 GB SSD
  • 1000 GB of traffic/quota @100Mbps (speed shaped to 10Mbps if quota is exceeded)
  • Anti-DDoS included
  • 1 x IPv4 included (purchase additional IPs , up to 16, One-off fee: $3/IP)
  • 1 x IPv6 included
  • Debian, Ubuntu, and all major distributions available (NO WINDOWS)
  • KVM (Qemu) – OpenStack infrastructure
  • Prepackaged CMS when you install Debian (Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress)

Technical knowledge is recommended as this is an unmanaged service

Check online for the full VPS range in Sydney:

  • Up to 4 vCores ,8 GB RAM, 80 GB SSD and 4000 GB of traffic/quota @100Mbps (speed shaped to 10Mbps if quota is exceeded)

    All OVH servers are protected by powerful anti-DDos technology which absorbs attacks and ensures that your services are always available. (15 Tbps network global capacity)

Why buying a VPS at OVH?

  • A powerful and affordable upgrade from shared hosting
  • Powerful and simplified control panel
  • All inclusive-pricing, no setup fees, no lenghty commitment
  • Local sales and technical support team

Test the OVH network:

Datacenter: Sydney, Australia

Test IPv4 :
Test IPv6 : 2402:1f00:8100:211::1
Test files :
Test latency :
Looking Glass:
Network status:

Datacenter: Singapore

Test IPv4 :
Test IPv6 : 2402:1f00:8000:261::1
Test files :
Test latency :
Looking Glass:
Network status:

Need higher specifications?

Discover our range of Dedicated Servers:


OVH is a global hyper-scale cloud provider that offers innovative products and services focusing on private, public and hybrid cloud, and bare metal (dedicated servers).
It offers businesses a benchmark for value and performance in the sector.
Founded in 1999, the group manages and maintains 28 datacentres across 4 continents, deploys its own global fibre optic network, and has a full control over the supply chain
(from server manufacturing and in-house maintenance of its infrastructure right down to customer support).
OVH provides simple, powerful tools for businesses, revolutionising the way that more than 1 million customers work across the globe.
Respect for individuals' right to privacy and equal access to new technologies are central to the company's values.
For OVH, "Innovation is Freedom".

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  • +1

    Would this work in China to bypass the great firewall?

    • +1

      I think you're looking for a VPN, not a VPS. A VPS is a Virtual Private Server, ideal for web hosting.

      • Many thanks for removing the confusion @ViperAMD

    • You could install a VPN server onto the instance then use that as a VPN. A lot more work but it's possible.

      Easiest method I could see would be to install docker, then load up a docker container of openvpn.

      • Any particular openvpn container u recommend.. I found kylemanna is it stable?

        • Why not use I successfully deployed this to OVH and I'm using it as a VPN on my phone.

      • Loading docker onto a single vCPU w/ 1GB RAM? Braver man than I!

        Setting up a VPN tunnel over SSH is also possible, higher overheads than OpenVPN though.

      • VPN is blocked in China. People need to use ShadowSock to bypass the firewall

  • +1

    alright time to move to ovh.

    been a fan of digitalocean but at these prices, can't go wrong having a few here for hobby projects

  • +2

    for the FIRST TIME, you're doing it RIGHT!

    • Thank you @r0xz, much appreciated (-;

      • i'm moving my VPS' now to OVH.
        do you offer any bgp/own ip space?

        • You will get your own Ipv4 and Ipv6 but no BGP features available for customers.

  • +1

    ahh time to cancel my binary lane $4 for 768mb / 20gb ssd / 500gb traffic for this ripper. at $3.30 ill just permanently keep it renewing even if i'm not using it during one of my hobbyist droughts!

  • Can we use say the Singapore nodes for tormenting or is that against T/C's?

    • +1

      Who are you thinking to torment with a VPS?

  • Both PDF links on the "Accept terms and conditions" page 404.

  • Would love to get one of this but I have no idea how to set this up :-(

  • Hello @atj, appologize if the PDF links are currently broken. T&Cs can be read at step 4 of the ordering process.
    You can always retrieve T&Cs accepted under your account in the "control panel". This is also where you will manage your OVH service(s).

  • How much does it cost to upgrade the storage from 40gb to 150gb? It does not have the options on the ordering page?

    • Hi @jj brisbane,
      Please note we do not offer additional storage options on these Asia-Pacific hosted VPS. The maximum you can get within this VPS serie is 80GB SSD (VPS SSD APAC 4 model). Alternatively you may look at models we offer in europe or canada.

  • -1

    Can i get a pro rata refund for the last deal when I signed up to 12 month upfront to get the deal?

    • -1

      Hello @joshuah,
      We do not offer refund for VPS purchased on an annual plan.

      • What if your service has a major problem?

        • Hello @gibbles,
          In case the service has a major issue, I would suggest you to contact our support to investigate. They will definitely assist if the issue is on our side.

  • will existing customers need to cancel and resign up to get the new pricing? or will plans simply renew at the new price?

    • Hi @cozi,
      You got it right, but beware of the limited stock as it will sell fast at this price..

      • +1

        thanks, but that is a little confusing, which one is right, have to cancel and resign, or existing plans will renew at the new price?

  • *Up to 100 Mbps bandwidth, reduced to 10 Mbps once you exceed your monthly quota.

    100Mbps dedicated and both directions?

    • Hi @sylvester328, yes 100Mbps up and down.

  • Is this the ongoing price now, not just a special?

  • OVH what are the specs on these VPS cpu's?

    vCores (at 3.5GHz) doesn't mean anything without some background info or benchmarks. Vultr now gives geekbench benchmark results so you have some idea of what the VPS your buying is capable of.

    It's important to know what's possible and what isn't with a VPS before purchasing.

    • Good question.

    • +2

      Geekbench benchmark on my newly created 1 vCore VPS can be found here

      In short :
      Single-Core Score 4493
      Multi-Core Score 4316 (doesn't mean much in my case)

      • Thank you! Helps a lot.

        OVH should make these sort of benchmarks public info on their site.

        • Is that considered a good score?

        • +1

          @joshuah: actually yeah i am impressed.

          That single core score is equivalent to an i7 6700

        • @joshuah:

          For a VPS (at this price) it's really good actually. Whether it's good enough for you depends on what you're doing with it.

          If you get the 2 core VPS it should be equivalent to an i3-6300.

  • How long do these take to setup? Ordered around 40 mins ago, and don't see anything in the control panel. Thanks…

    • 20 minutes for me. When it is ready, you should receive an email with the IP address and root password.

      • Got an alert that I had signed into CP, but no IP address and root password e-mail. Maybe OP could check?

        • My one got marked as spam.

        • Not mine, checked there.

        • +1

          You can also see the order status under my orders from the control panel (need to click the refresh button to update). In addition, click the 'Cloud' tab and under servers, you can see the server detail when it is set up.

        • Hmm, I don't see a My Orders anywhere and clicking on Servers does nothing.

        • @mostlygordon:

          Click the id icon at top right corner, then click 'My account'. You should see 'My orders' at the left panel.

          clicking on Servers does nothing.

          that probably means it is not ready.

    • same deal here, got one 2 hours ago and only got an email with customer ID and ip address. no passwords?

      • +1

        We usually validate the first order on an account, for security purposes. The order is still processing and you will receive an email notification when it is delivered or if additional documentation is required to complete the order.

        • Should have something like "pending payment verification" otherwise you'll get a lot of anxious customers

  • +1

    Still no VPS active here and no My Orders on the My Account drop down. Will put in a support request and see what happens. Anyone know what the SLA is?

    • Heard back that I am "being manually validated, for security purposes". Not sure what that means, but sounds painful;-)

      • Hi @mostlygordon,
        Sorry to hear that it is delaying your VPS activation but I was explaining the same to xEnt:
        We usually validate the first order on an account, for security purposes. The order is still processing and you will receive an email notification when it is delivered or if additional documentation is required to complete the order.

      • Same here. Signed up 6 hours ago and still no email about VPS logon. It's not as easy as getting a VPS from Amazon AWS or Google Cloud's offering IMO.

  • Be aware when I arrived home I discovered OVH had processed a second unauthorised transaction on my PayPal account and I still have no VPS. I have a bad feeling about this business. Am about to complain to PayPal…

    • OP, please cancel my order. I can't see a way to do it on the CP. Might think about reordering once the second unauthorised transaction is explained.

      • Hello @mostlygordon,
        Please not when you setup a payment method for the first time, there is a 1$ transaction which is done for validation purpose and which is of course refunded.
        I suggest you to contact our support for further information or cancelling your order if you wish to do so.

        • It was a $6.07 transaction. PalPay say it's being refunded. The initial amount ($39.60) was preauthorised, there is no $1 validation. Anyway, I'm with xEnt, too much like hard work…

        • Wow! We finally got there. I now have a VPS I can login to:)

  • Give me a good reason to switch from Binary Lane 🙂

  • meh they want me to verify my identity, upload my licence and utility bill.. for a 3$ server. surely a verified paypal account was enough.

    this just turns me off, im lazy.

    • @xEnt, Sorry to hear about your experience,
      Our anti-fraud system and processes are pretty strict but this is for obvious security reasons.

  • can you pls advise if this offer still valid ? link takes me to OVH , the price is not the same as advertised here ?

  • Signed up with OVH, paid 3 months via PP. 1 hour later, nothing.

    Called up the support number, apparently they need to manually validate my account. And the validation team is closed for the day, and they will be back in 12 hours. O_o.

    Be nice to know up front what they want. Due to the time zone differences, I wonder if this 'anti-fraud' validation is gonna take days to complete.

    • Hi @snakeoilos,
      Thanks for sharing your feedback. Not all transactions requires validation but our anti-fraud system could be quite sensitive and depends on various details such as your registration details, payment method, location..etc..
      We will work on improving the manual process for new clients.

  • +1

    Is ovh IP space blocked by

    • Hello @i37,
      It should not be the case but suggest you to check your IP on a blacklist tool or to contact your mail provider. You can always contact our support team via your OVH control panel if you need further assistance.

  • damn already ordered 3 on the 12 month deal lol

  • I don't mind their validation process but it is just taking too much time.

    Anyway, I am still waiting for someone to contact me to activate my order.

  • Review after 24 hours:
    * VPS was activated 23 minutes after payment
    - I probably didn't run into the same anti-fraud issues other folks here are reporting because I opted to pay direct (i.e. not with PayPal), and verify with Mastercard "3D Secure"
    * VPS performance looks reasonable
    - Disk writes are a bit slower than I'd expect from an SSD.
    - Latency appeares to fluctuate quite significantly (even an SSH session can feel like dialup sometimes). Unsure if this is related to host resource contention or DDOS system interfering causing packet loss
    * Web console is pretty awful.
    - Commands like "reboot" go into some queue, and can take ~5 minutes to execute.
    - If you swap between the rescue disk (which appears to PXE boot into a debian-derivative), you can cause a task to stall, and can no longer issue any more commands
    * Which brings me to … support responsiveness is dreadful. Claimed "24x7x265" support - logged a ticket and telephoned through a followup - took over 10 hours to resolve. Not what you want on your production servers!
    * No VNC console. You get a crude web VNC interface.

  • Hello @nemesis,

    Thank you for your review and glad to see your VPS has been delivered within few minutes.
    If you get odd latency, could you please try the following:
    TO your server - mtr -o "J M X LSR NA B W V" -4wzbc 20
    then on the server itself, do mtr -o "J M X LSR NA B W V" -4wzbc 20 ' clients public ip'
    TO SERVER - mtr -o "J M X LSR NA B W V" -4wzbc 20
    FROM server to client - mtr -o "J M X LSR NA B W V" -4wzbc 20

    Then simply open a ticket with our support team via your control panel including all the above results or PM me here.

    Thank you.

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