iPhone 8 Plus 64GB Outright Deals?

Hi all,

Looking for the cheapest deal on an iPhone 8 Plus 64GB outright, does anybody know any sales going?

I understand apple is doing 7% cashback at the moment.




    apart from the various 10/20/30% ebay sales that pop up, you're not going to find them on sale very often


    I know this is slightly off topic but any particular reason why you are looking for an iPhone 8 Plus 64gb? It's not exactly a great value device to begin with in the current climate (ie. it's not that new and we're approaching the annual iPhone refresh time, and there's a lot of rumours that there will be a lot of new models coming out with iPhone X-style looks but various specs/sizes/price points).

    As mentioned above, they also don't tend to go on sale that much. If you don't need the Bionic chip or whatever special features there are on the 8 over the 7 Plus, you might be able to get a much better deal that way.


    Office works price is ever so slightly cheaper than rrp


    Thanks everyone I'll keep an eye out on deals over the next few months - it's for a birthday present and unfortunately she's an iPhone user.

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