End of Lease Clean: $0 Line Item

I move out of my Queensland based share house at the end of July.

My lease specifies that a professional cleaner must be used on moving out.

I have my own ABN. Would I be able to clean myself and then issue a $0 invoice with a line item stating 'cleaning'?

This would not affect tax, and satisfies their requirements for a 'professional' clean as long as it's a good condition.



    I know someone who did it in the past, but with $100 invoice.
    Maybe just put a price in the invoice like $150 and add a line “special friends discount 100%” with a total of $0. I also cant see how the invoice with say 100 affects your taxes..providing the invoice doesnt mean he you have got paid.


    What is this professional league of cleaners and how does one join?


    Are the others in the share house moving out or just you, because if it's just you how is that going to work?

    I'm in WA so the laws are a little different here, but I have never heard of this sort of condition in WA and am surprised it's legal.


      There are a couple of us moving out, but one remaining.
      I'll probably ring up the tenancy association here to make sure what my requirements are especially since I did sign the lease with that condition on it.


    They won't need to submit the invoice to anyone, just tick a box that says the work has been done.

    Raise the invoice, then cancel it afterwards.

    Waht is your ABN business? Are they likely to accept a 'professional clean' from 'thewalkabouter's hiking tours' or something equally not cleaning related?


    Waiting to see ABN from Outlaw Motorcycle Co - who would question cleaners from that org…

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