Is this noise “acceptable”?

My Samsung fridge/freezer I got about 6 weeks ago
I think it’s way too noisy for a new fridge.

Hears a clip of some of the noise it makes.

Samsung said their tech said this was “acceptable”.

What are your thoughts?


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    That sounds normal to me.

    Is there some underlying clunking or other mechanical noises that are not being picked up by the mic?


    I know you say you bought a Fridge, but is sounds like a Electric Train.


    Really hard to have a perspective on the sound without a comparison. It does sound fairly loud but the way microphones work the volume level has no contexts. How many DBs is this?
    Maybe they'll allow a change of mind refund.


      This. There's no context for the listener, as Sage has pointed out. We don't know how close to the fridge the recording was taken. I assume a smartphone did the recording (nothing wrong with that) but provided with more information there is an opportunity for comparison and assessment.

      For instance, if you'd taken this recording in an adjacent room, with a door closed I'd suggest that the fridge is extremely noisy, however if this was recorded directly behind the fridge with the phone pressed against the fridge I'd suggest that it's fairly quiet.

      I really have no idea because I don't know where the recording was taken. Not trying to be a pain or pick on you, a noisy fridge is a frustration I can empathise with if it's very loud and distracting, but I just can't be sure with the video posted. Sorry.

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    Download a volume meter app for your phone. Measure the noise at exactly 1 meter away from the fridge. You might find the specs for the fridge contain a typical noise level, if it exceeds that you obviously have a problem. Perhaps ask the Samsung tech what sound pressure value he is relying upon. Otherwise go and record a demo model in the shop, or other similarly sized/featured fridges and see if they are similar or if you are imagining things. Don't forget to be consistent with the measurement distance away from the sound source when you are recording and comparing the results.

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    I purchased a Samsung fridge about 3 years ago and instantly thought the same thing and made some enquiries (told normal but definitely the loudest fridge I have ever had). It bothered me for about 3 months before I forgot about it. I don't think particularly highly of Samsung products and probably wouldn't buy another.. some of the plastic parts in their fridges seem easy to break too but at least fridge is still going.


    I have a samsung fridge about 3 years old yes its noisy but I got used to it I wouldnt buy another one though!!


    Hi, If you end up looking for another Fridge, have a look at
    the LG smart-diagnosis range.


    I'm no expert when it comes to such things and I agree with some of the people here that it's a bit hard to give you an answer when there's no basis of comparison. But I reckon that if you're worried, you should bring it back to the shop to get it checked out. Pretty sure that it would still be under warranty at this time right? This is what the warranties are for anyway. Get it checked out and make sure you're not paying any money for it, or ask them to replace it entirely. If you get another one that's just as noisy then I think that there's your luck, or perhaps it's really just meant to be that clunky.