Smart lock recommendations


We want to replace our door lock as we only have 2x keys provided when we bought the house and we have to wiggle them a lot to get them to work. It's only a matter of time before it dies.

I'd like to replace with a smart lock.

My requirements are.

  1. Keypad combination.
  2. Can integrate with home assistant and HA is able to lock / unlock and monitor the state of the lock.

I'd prefer the lock to have a backup key option. I could wire it in, but would prefer a battery operated one that takes AA or 18650s.

I currently only use xiaomi zigbee gateway and various wifi connected smart devices, so would also potentially have to buy an AU z-wave usb plug or similar unless it supported wifi.

Our house also uses Google home integrated into hassio.

I've been looking at the Yale 220 as a potential option.