Nikon - D3400 or D5600?

Fellow OzB's

So I have come to a point where I feel my phone camera is not enough for some of the photos I want to take.

On that note, I have decided to buy my very first DSLR camera. Keeping in mind about mirrorless cameras, I prefer the feel/functionality about DSLRs and also, always wanted one since I was a kid.

So, I have kinda set my mind on either one of the two - Nikon D3400 or D5600.

I am slightly unsure on which one I should go for. Is the D3400 enough to start me or should I pay extra cash and go with the D5600?

I am looking mostly at taking architecture and some nature photos(mostly still), nothing in motion or fast paced, hence didn't opt for Canon (which I believe are good for that style?).

Love to hear from you and your reason behind your vote (personal experiences?).

Also, where is a best place to buy it from?

So far, I have looked at online and found Kogan to be the cheapest(is this good place to buy?)-


Thanks in advance )


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  • I'm moving from a D90 to a7iii (waiting for stock).

    To me, buying a DSLR is like buying a petrol vehicle when an electric car is the same price. There's lots of romance and nostalgia but is an outdated product.

    • Where did you get yours from?

      • Prior to the A7iii (which I got from a club group buy as the last OzBargain deal was OOS) all my cameras are hand me downs. I got a few D90 and a D5 from my photographer dad.

        Never used the D5 due to size and generally dislike of the internal shake. As most of my shots are of people, my left hand is often gesturing or holding a flash so being able to shoot single handed is a big deal.

        • Cool story, bro…

    • +1

      It's funny, cause I prefer both a DSLR and a petrol car(manual as well if that matters). Each to their own I suppose.

      The great thing about the Mirrorless movement is that so many people are switching systems and hence selling their DSLR gear for cheap! I am now spoilt for choice of lenses I would never have dreamt of owning in the past. :)

  • I just recently purchased the D3400 but the only differences I noted between the two were, the D3400 does not have an input mic function for video recording, the D3400 does not have the tilting flip out screen. Neither of those two items bothered me so I went with that as opposed to the D5600. Similarly I know that sometimes there are amazing deals on the D5600 however at the time I was buying there wasn't, so at almost double the price it just wasn't worth it to me for 2 additional functions that I will probably not notice. Go on the Nikon Website and you can do the side by side comparison, even if you won't understand what half the specs mean you will realise that there is little difference between the two. Figure out those differences, and see whether it is worth the extra money to you.

    • True mate.
      From what I have been reading, does your one have VR as well?
      The D5600 comes with VR and I have been told VR is kinda a must.

      • I think that is a part of the lense? but lenses are interchangeable. Just confirm with somebody a bit more knowledgeable than I as I am just going based off the website listed specs.

  • +3

    Go for Mirrorless.

    They are just as "complex" as a DSLR, will provide equal-or-better picture quality compared to a DSLR and have the benefits like smaller/lighter/more-featured

    Also, if you do decide to go DSLR don't get a "new" one IMO. There are plenty of barely-used used models out there, even your two options D3400 and D5600 you can get decent deals on eBay or whatever for used models.

    • I'll look into it, have done much research on 'mirrorless'

  • If price is a big factor id suggest something like this…

    With 20% off code its only around 550.

    Whatever you do, pay more attention to the lens not just what the body is capable of. More often than not it is going to be the lens which makes the difference not to camera itself.

    Kit lenses are usually pretty poor. The 18-140 is probably the best multi purpose beginner lens in the nikon range

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