Webcam and or with mic for Desktop for Skype

Hi Guys, can anyone recommend a decent webcam with microphone for Skype sitting at a desktop PC. Would like to get one before EOFY

I dont want a headset but consider a desktop mic with webcam or webcam with bulit-in mic. The intended use is for skyping the grandparents with my two you kids.

I had a look at the old threads but they are many years old. Budget is under 200 dollars



  • Logitech c930e, should be around $110 dollars on eBay if you're using coupon codes.


    If you want a super budget method — your phone or Tablet already makes for a pretty good Skype / videoconferencing device.

    I just mount my Samsung on a cheap $4 dollar tripod and use that for video conferencing on Hangouts once a month. Most flagship mobile phones do a very good job of producing clear video and clear audio.

    • Thanks scrimshaw, decent review but I suppose audio is always going to be a limitation with these devices. Is it worth considering a usb condenser mic and webcam without buily-in mic? I probably would using it for work as well as I work out of a home office

  • I bought a Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 one year ago or so when I was looking for something compatible with both Windows (bootcamp) and Mac OS and it still works with High Sierra, audio and image are very clear.