Has Sports Direct Delivery Method Changed?

Hi, Does anyone know whether Sports Direct have changed the way they make deliveries to Australia?

I've had many deliveries from them to a PO Box but a recent order shows undeliverable. Another thread mentioned they use Toll who don't deliver to PO Boxes. Is this true? Has it changed? My parcels have always been transferred to Aust Post with Aust Post online tracking except this time.

I've had lots of bad experiences with them like receiving faulty, wrong and missing items which they didn't resolve without a lot of chasing up and hassle but I've never had an issue with deliveries before. I still shop with them because they are cheap TIA

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    My last delivery from them was through Toll…. had to pick up from their depot since they dont deliver the Aus post parcel lockers.

  • Thanks. Pick up is not an option for me. I guess I can't order from them anymore.

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    our last delivery they sent the wrong size shoes, in the right box…….
    their initial response was that it was our mixup mistaking US & UK sizing.
    we ordered two different sizes and got two the same. clowns.


    • They are clowns! One time I purchased a gift. They sent it in a garbage bag which was partially ripped open by the time it travelled across the world with no bubble wrap or any protection. It was totally crushed beyond recognition. It wasn't clothing. I sent them a message then received a response a week later to send photos. A week after that they responded saying it wasn't faulty because it was still functional.

      They tell customers that they need to pay to return faulty and wrong items received which they know is against consumer law even in the UK. They do this because people do pay to send items back, use free Paypal returns or can't be bothered arguing with them. They have been in trouble with their version of Consumer Affairs so if you just tell them you will report them they soon agree to a refund or to pay return costs. I only resorted to this after many messages from them refusing to do the right thing.

      I know that some Ozbargainers have had no issues. I've had some orders with no issues. But when it goes wrong depending on who answers your complaint they may be of no help at all.

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    but a recent order shows undeliverable

    and what did they say when you asked them why?

    • So far no response.

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    Toll is real bad. All I have is just bad experiences.

  • I don't know why they have sent it by Toll to a PO Box. They never have before.

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    This is concerning. I have an order on the way and delivery address is a P.O. Box. Might have to check out where their depot is just in case.

    • On previous orders when I clicked on their tracking the WnDirect tracking showed

      Carrier: wnDirect Australia
      Carrier Reference: URxxxx

      When I put the UR details in Aust Post tracking it came up once they received it in Australia.

      This time the WnDirect tracking shows

      Carrier: DPEX UK
      Carrier Reference: 36xxxx

      After reading comments about Toll I put the 36 number in https://online.toll.com.au/trackandtrace/ and it is with Toll showing undeliverable because they don't send to PO boxes. So far no response from Sports Direct. I guess it will be returned back to the UK and I can't order from them again.

      Could you please let me know if they sent yours with Toll? I don't know whether someone stuffed it up or this is what they do now. TIA

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        I just tried the Toll tracking and it has been sent with them. At the moment is has this information:
        Wed 27/06/2018 8:50 PM 1 Linehaul by Overnight: UNITED KINGDOM-London VIC

        I might contact Toll in the morning and see if I can somehow alter the delivery address.

        • Thanks so much for letting me know it's not just me. I hope you get your delivery OK.

        • @Jools: Fingers crossed!

        • @Jools: I rang TOLL and they are redirecting it to my house tomorrow (hopefully).

          I asked him if someone would have called me to advise they had a parcel that they couldn't deliver - he said yes - but I'm not so sure.

        • @chichi: I'm glad yours is on the way. No one contacted me.

        • @Jools: Have you called Toll?

        • @chichi: Yes, I did the day I figured out it was with Toll but they said it had already been returned to sender. I didn't know it was with Toll until it was too late.

        • @Jools: Not great that they didn't call you. The guy I spoke to said they contact you if you have a PO box but he didn't sound very confident.

  • @Jools what did you do to resolve the faulted/not what you ordered situation? I'm in the same boat with a jacket whereby I sent it back due to me ordering the wrong size. I paid for shipping back, filled out the return paper work with the size XL for exchange, emailed them advising it's on its way back and I want an XL size…they replied/acknowledged the email and then send me a 3XL! I told them they sent the wrong item and they said you have to pay to return it. I said not a chance. Any tips on what I can do.

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      @zvezda000 SD know that they must pay for the return when it's their error by law.

      The reason they say that they don't is because most people don't bother pushing it with them. Most people either regift or throw away their purchase, accept the loss, use Paypal funded returns or just pay to ship it back.

      If you paid via Paypal and did a significantly not as described claim then Paypal will tell you to return it. Paypal can only refund what you paid once the tracking shows that the seller received the returned item. Paypal can't actually force the seller to pay for the return.

      Tell SD that they are in breach of the law and that they must pay for return shipping before you will send it back to them or you will report them to the Consumer Ombudsman. They'll ignore you and frustrate you. You just need to persist.

      If you did pay by Paypal make sure you make a claim within 180days if that is the only option you have left.

      You can quote the below wording to SD. Good luck.

      I wish to draw your attention to r.14(6) of the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000 (SI 2334) Which specifically states that, where goods are returned as a right due to a breach of a term implied by statute (specifically s. 14 of the Sale of Goods Act 1979), the rights, given by r. 14(5), of a seller (yourselves) to require the buyer (myself) to bear the cost of a return is disapplied.

      As such, the cost of bearing the return lies with yourselves. I therefore request that you will fulfill your contractual and statutory obligation to refund my full costs including postage

  • Hi All,

    I purchased from Sportsdirect the other night, shipping jumped from 9.99 to 23.99 to 42.99 each time I added or removed 1-2 items from cart, it was ridiculous.

    Last night I found a site called Ozsale which had the same products at same price and shipping seems to be flat 9.95!


  • The shipping system is definitely broken.

    I add each item and check delivery cost when new item has been added.

    Some items cost less to ship than others.

    For e.g delivery costs

    This item https://au.sportsdirect.com/pierre-cardin-closed-zip-hem-tro... costs $10 for 1, $23 for 2 & $41 for 3.

    On the other hand I checked with 6 shirts for $10.

    Hopefully they fix it soon.

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