Does anyone know where to buy 28 Black Acai energy drink?

They were previously sold at Coles but the normal acai one is no longer stocked at my local. Not looking for other flavours - just the acai.


  • Dan Murphys stock them.

    • I can’t seem to find the açai ones, just the classic and red ones.

    • When I go to order online I can add them to the checkout but when I go to pay it says no stock :(

  • -2

    Do you like Red Bull? Aldi sell Flying Power which tastes pretty much identical to Red Bull and it's only $1.

  • What state is your ALDI?! Mine certainly doesn't charge $1 for the Flying Powers! Try $1.39 on special!

  • Drink water - it is much better for you and much cheaper - otherwise you will be posting in a few years asking for bargains on health bills

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