Teapot, kettle or saucepan for hot Milk Drinks

My partner and I make a lot of hot (boiling) 'Milky' drinks, whether its Hot chocolate, milk cinnamon, variation of coffee drinks ect.
Currently we make them in a saucepan but I would imagine there should be a more suitable maybe specific type of pot for this.

I was looking at stovetop kettles, not sure if that is the right thing since they seem to be specific for water and tea (non milky drinks)

Did some research couldn't find much, what would you guys recommend?


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    Aren't you not meant to boil milk? I use a microwave……


      I meant it as a figure of speech 'boiling hot' not literally.


        Oh, in that case definitely the microwave. I just wasn't sure if you could boil milk in a microwave (and so would have to use a saucepan, etc).

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    What's wrong with a saucepan? Not everything needs a special utensil or tool. Personally I'd use a microwave, better control and can do it in the final container.


    Someone mentioned

    I think so far this is the best option, I was hoping for something over the stovetop though.


      I hace one of these and they work very well - but beware they can deveop a glitch that stops them working (mine hasn't develope it). Given yo live in Melbourne there is a Breville outlet store in Smith St that is worth a look - I got mine for half price off because it was a "reconditioned" model. It still had 12 months warranty though.

      If you want good frothy milk but don't want to play around with these then I would suggest you heat the milk in the microwave and then use one of these to get really thick creamy milk. You can probably get it cheaper than this or see if David Jones has another 20% off sale.