Disposable SMS Service (Looking for Testers)

I think I've got enough testers for now. Service should be launching this month. Thanks everyone for your interest

Hi everyone,

I've created a new service which is able to generate Australian Mobile Numbers to use anywhere. All text messages sent to this number will be instantly forwarded to your email. You can use this to sign up for websites which require a phone number, but where you would prefer not to give your own. I am looking for some people to test this out for me.

If you're interested, send me a PM.


  • Testers are usually paid handsome Salaries for their time + skills.

    Perhaps you’d like to offer your testers Lifetime Fee-Free service,
    if / when your service goes Live?

    This is analogous to a Start-Up given “employees” shares
    of the budding company, for their time, eg, before they find
    a first [Angel] Venture Capital investor.

    (Of course there are heaps of apps that do this for eMail.)

    • I could but I don't feel the need to. Perhaps tester was the wrong term, I am getting them to simply use the site and provide feedback.

      I am aware there are a lot of sites for email, but I saw a gap for phone numbers so that's where this comes in.

  • Will you be keeping records of who received what messages at what time for when you are sued by somebody having their AVO breached? Or do you plan to defend the matter yourself?
    If we don't hear from you for over 7 days, should we assume you are being held for questioning because the service was used for a purpose related to terrorism?
    Did you get the OK from your carrier for this service, as I have posted before when you came up with this idea, at the carrier I work for you would have your services terminated immediately for breaching the standard terms.

  • I would like to use this to create infinite Uber/GYG/other free stuff account.

  • So whats the pro over this vs buying a $2 sim card?

    • Depends on how many $2 SIM cards you normally buy, I guess.

      • Buy a Aldi simcard starter pack, comes with $5 credit on 365 day expiry.

        As OPs main thing is to protect you from where you would prefer not to give your mail mobile number, the aldi solution then solves that for $5/yr, top up some credit once a year and you keep it going.

        • This is a seemless solution, no need to mess around with swapping SIMs or second phones, it just works.

        • @realfancyman: at what costs, that is the question…..

          So far you store all the text messages, haven't offered anything to testers and haven't released pricing.

          The 'messy' 2nd sim looks pretty good to me and oh they have these things called dual sim phones too.

  • What will happen if the service receives a call (thinking about use with gumtree or the likes)?

  • Is this legal? I don't understand it fully to be honest but it sounds like you are activating a sim card for someone else without giving them physical access to the sim card but still allowing them to use the sim card, just not in its full capacity (receiving sms only) but nonetheless having use of that sim card activated under someone else's details and identity. I saw another user on Ozbargain (woowoolabs) a couple months back talking about creating a service to send and receive texts anonymously, which is basically having full access to the capacity of another sim card.

    If this is what these services are aiming to do, is it breaking any laws? Or is it legal to activate a sim card for another person in Australia? I doubt you're allowed to activate a sim card for a family member within your own household, let alone a total stranger.

    Can someone clarify this for me. Can you activate a sim card for another person in Australia and allow them to use it in any capacity? If you can activate another sim card for a stranger (legally) does everything that will happen on that sim card therefore become your responsibility?

    • I'm not activating any SIM cards. It's using an SMS API. Look into it if you're interested.

    • I doubt you're allowed to activate a sim card for a family member within your own household

      Really? Genuinely interested in this as the SIMs used by my family members are under my name. Is this just a liability thing? Isn't it just simply an element of assumed responsibility by you activating a SIM and having it under your name for someone else's use?

  • Did you launch? I need this exact thing so would be keen to check it out.

    • Hi, unfortunately due to issues with the provider I wasn't able to go ahead. May popup again in the future but no promises

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