expired [PC/Steam] Total War: Warhammer $20.69 AUD @ Fanatical


Not the all-time lowest price but pretty close to it and currently the best price you can get on official key reselling sites. So, if you intend to play anytime soon, here is your chance to grab it at a decent price.
If you have a huge backlog and will only get to the game in 3 years time, do not buy as you will be able to snap it up for a fiver (probably) in three years' time.

Deals last until tomorrow 1:00am or until all keys are sold out (in 90 minutes of the deal being active, 20% of the keys sold).


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    I reckon this will drop to $10 AUD maybe but I can't see it going for a fiver. Some older games don't even go for that.

    85% off aka $13.59 AUD would be my number for this game but am thinking won't get this price until December.. and might actually use it before then.. or not I dunno.
    I guess I could go without a pizza here or there.

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      I am including bundles in my assumption. Within three years it is bound to appear in a bundle and then it might even be less than a fiver (taking into account other games in such bundle).
      But maybe I am wrong. The main point is: if you play it soon, this is a good price. If you play it in three years wait as it will be cheaper then.


    There is enough content in this alone without the DLCs, so it might take 3 years to complete all the content anyway.


    Agree with Lysander. Too often you buy a game on sale and 3 months later it is substantially less


    What's this game like? I see turn based and usually that translates to shizzle.
    When I look at the videos I don't see much game play… All this rings alarm bells for me.

    So tell me, why should I blow 20 on this sucker

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      Watch gameplay on Youtube.

      If you have played a Total War game then you know what the gameplay is like, too.


      It's total war, but with warhammer! What's not to love!?

      If neither of those mean anything to you I suggest you go and get total war:Rome as it's generally the best regarded tw game (or Rome 2 if you prefer something with newer graphics).


        Interface wise it's hard to go back to Rome after twwh.

        I'd recommend this over any other tw game personally.


      Personally for me it's one of the few current gen fantasy medieval style "rts" out now besides spell force 3.. Very small genre. Not many classic RTS games total in this genre let alone released in the past 5 years.

      Wish I knew of more but it is a very small genre.

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