closed Win a Philips Momentum 4K 43" IPS Monitor with Ambiglow Worth $1,399 from Umart



Closing Date 23/07/2018


Description Philips Momentum 4K 43" IPS Monitor with Ambiglow
No. of Prizes 1
Total Prize Pool $ 1,399.00

Entry Requirements

Open To Australia-wide
Entry Limit One per person
Entry Methods Facebook, Website
Prerequisites Email Subscription, Like/Follow/Comment/Share

Like/react to the Facebook post and subscribe to the newsletter.

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closed Comments


    Got 2x of the 40" version atm, literally thinking about getting this monitor like every 2 weeks.


    Not to rain on the parade or anything but it's not an IPS monitor. I'm a little unsure why UMART in the comp, MSY and PCCasegear on there websites state it is IPS when if you go down to the specs it clearly says MVA. Don't want to start an argument about what is better and yes in this case it is a competition not a sale but still a bit annoying.

    I also can't work out where they got the $1399 RRP when the website says $1099 unless this is simply a different monitor that nobody sells and that Phillips doesn't mention on their website.


      As far as i can see there is 2 variants of the 43" - $999 - $1,399

      None of the above matters though as i'm sure whoever wins will be stoked.


        For what it's worth, one of the Philips suppliers for Australia lists the RRP as $1,299 and $1,649, another supplier lists as $1,274 and $1,649.

        Not sure why the variation between the two suppliers (I would guess that the one with the higher RRP is due to the fact they picked up Philips somewhat recently, probably when the Australian dollar was worse? compared to other supplier who has had Philips for a long period, may have just got the initial RRP…), but at least there is some evidence to back it up in any case.


        From the specs listed there one is HDR400 and the other HDR1000

        Honestly don't know what the difference would be in the real world and whether it's worth the extra money but they are both still MVA panels not IPS.

        Would still be fantastic to win, just concerning that they may be lying about the features.

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