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I will be booking a Singapore Airlines flight via as i am getting the cheapest rate here (cheaper than the airline site itself).

Just visited the airline site and saw that I can change/cancel flight only if I booked it via Singapore Airlines. If I book it via any agent, I will need to approach the agent for any date change/cancellation.

Does anyone have any experience with Singapore Airlines date change? Can't i do that myself via the airline website when I have the ticket detail with me?


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    all feedback regarding bestjet and changes in ticket indicate massive costs.

    usually airlines will point you back to the agent if there is a need for a change when the ticket was bought from an agent.

    if I have learnt anything from reading about bestjet is that they are fine UNLESS you need to change your ticket then it becomes very expensive.

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    Like what altomic said, any changes to the ticket bought not direct from the airline will need to be handled by the agent you bought it for. This is 1 of the reason why I almost never buy from a 3rd party. The best airline can do if you bought from 3rd party is if you have any special requirement like a baby cot or specific seat you need for medical reason, etc but not change the actual ticket itself.

  • Always check the fare rule regarding the 'change fee' for altering the date and time. Allow additional agent handling fee for any third party site, and fare difference for new date/time. Cheaper fare usually attracts higher fees for change and cancellation.

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