Lenovo Laptop Charger Connecter Help

Hi all, I'm wondering if someone can help me. The charger for my laptop broke, so I ordered the exact same part online. However, this has a different connector to the laptop that I want to charge.


My laptop uses the circular connector on the right, but the replacement charger has the rectangular connector on the left. The two power bricks have the exact same model number, so if someone can help me identify what I'm looking for, maybe I can just find an adaptor if they exist?



    you got the model number wrong, should have posted the specifications label instead of a picture of your mistake


    I have an adapter to use the old round style with the new square style, but I don't know if the opposite exists. I couldn't see one with a quick search on ebay.
    It looks like generic chargers with the correct plug start around $15, so it isn't too bad.


    You bought the wrong charger mate. The rectangular charger is the new style charger. They probably haven't changed the model number. Check the site you bought it from carefully. It should have specified which model laptop the charger is for.


    you need one of these adapters $2.57 delivered from China

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