Where Does One Get Cheap Bathroomware in Sydney?

I am looking to get my bathroom renovated.

However, tradie has given me the option of purchasing my own bathroomware or he will provide it. I reckon he'll add on his own personal charges, so looking to buying my own.

Want to get your thoughts and also good places to purchase.

I've heard of recommendations for Ostar and Renovation D, but no clue how they compare.


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    Check out Renovation Kingdom. http://www.renovationkingdom.com.au/

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    Don't get cheap gear, it doesn't last and maintenance is a nightmare. If you want to budget buy the cheaper lines from Caroma or their budget line Stylus.

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      Hi CLoSeR, I didn't want to buy cheap gear, I just didn't want to pay a markup.

      I agree, I don't want to cut corners.

      Good advice though.

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        If you have a mate who is a plumber get it on their trade account from Tradelink or Reece. That's what I do.

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    I got mine from Ren D years ago, it was recommended by my builder. I didn't know about Ostar then. You could visit their Ren D warehouse to look over their range. For something you'll have to live with for a long time, I would go for something you like, rather than just cheaper. Of course if they coincide that's even better.

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