MacBook Air or a Microsoft Surface Laptop??

Both around the same price at the moment.

Quite confused which one is better but main point is to work smoothly with a long battery life that lasts over years (not a shortened battery life within 2 years which I am experiencing with my current Dell Laptop)

Would appreciate help




    Do you prefer Windows or Mac OSX ?

    Its all Dependant on software,

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    I agree with scissorspaperrock, the biggest difference is in the OS, though you say you're good with both.

    I have both, and they both seem to do well. I feel like my Macbook Air 2015 lasts longer on battery though? But could be wrong, I think my surface just 'looks' like its going flat even though theres still like 70 percent left.

    They both seem to be pretty good build to me, both portable and light. I prefer being able to use the surface as a tablet and laptop with also being a good screen size. I think the air is an inch bigger which is nice for size but I didn't notice much of a difference, I do like the upgraded resolution quality of the surface though.

    End of the day, I feel like they're both nice, I prefer my surface more then my macbook air though, as I like windows more and the keyboard and just overall use.

    Reliability is hard to measure, you never know whether you'll get a good one that lasts a long time or a bad one, so I don't really know how to assess it. I do feel though that the macbook would last longer purely as Apples devices seem to (in a software doesn't feel as sluggish as I would expect this many years later) sort of way.

    I also hear apple has really good warranty? Unsure if thats still the case.


    Why not get a laptop with replacable battery?


    If you are interested in surface, why not try Galaxy Book 12" 128 or 256gb version?

    THe USB C feature is splendid (it eliminates the need to have power adapter on the go and just use powerbank) and the graphic is great.

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    What do you mainly do on the computer? Are you a developer etc.


      Mainly videos/note taking/microsoft etc


        Just go with the surface. The screen is detachable and also has an integrated touch screen as well as support for a pen. This is great for note-taking. The screen is also 4K which allows for a more accurate colour correction in video making.

        The surface book has two batteries compared to the Macbook one battery, giving you extra battery life.

        The MacBook Air is running an i5 5th gen compared to the surface 6th gen. But the MacBook has slightly better graphics.

        Reasons to get the Surface book over MacBook Air:
        * Longer Battery Time
        * 13.5" vs MacBook's 13"
        * Newer in terms of released date
        * 6th Gen CPU vs 5th Gen
        * 4k Display vs 1400x900
        * Dolby Audio
        * Touch Screen
        * Drawing Pen

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