This was posted 2 years 9 months ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

  • out of stock

LIFX A19 $79 (RRP $89.99) or 2 for 1 ($39.99ea) @ LIFX


LIFX A19 bulbs $79 (down from RRP $89.99).

Use codes to get BOGOF. Never seen prices this low before, shame they're out of stock of E27s. Not sure how long it's on sale for.

B1G1 - for 2 bulbs. B2G2 - for 4 bulbs.

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  • I though this was LINX deodorant from thumbnail and misread title. Was thinking how is this a bargain?

  • Other than brightness, do these have much advantage over a Xiaomi equivalent?

    • You wont need a China or Singapore server for these.
      Also Australian Certified, which makes a difference to some.

    • For me when i swapped to LIFX from the xiaomi bulbs, I found the response rates were a lot faster on the phone app + voice assistants. The colours are also a lot nicer than the xiaomi ones. The brightness makes a very big difference for the white colours too. It probably doesnt seem much if you look at just the specs, you'd understand once you try it out. I think the bulb also has a 60 day money back return policy if you don't like it.

  • Tempting price.
    E27 would have been awesome deal.

  • I've been wanting to replace my old LIFX bulbs, I bought nine of them that arne't compatible with Home Kit, so no one ever is bothered to use the app to change the brightness or color, and home bridge was a PITA.

    Still though, I think I'll chance Hue next. They worked with Home Kit from the start.

    • Hue got HomeKit for the second gen. It underpins the advantage of having a hub vs fully integrating in the bulbs though. With Hue you can replace a $70 hub to add HomeKit or whatever like Philips did, where other approaches may require replacing multiple bulbs. Given the markets immature I like the idea of being able to easily upgrade the ecosystem if need be.

    • I a heap of LIFX and love them. I decided to try Hue when they were on sale recently. LIFX is so much brighter! Hue was easier to set up but that's because the bulbs were already paired to the hub out of the box. Annoyingly, you can only use one hub per Hue account so if you have a big house you're very limited.

  • Thanks! Just got two.

  • Thanks OP! Subscribed to lifx deals and glad I didn't miss out this time on the great two for one deal. Got the two for $79.

    My first pair of smart light bulbs for the house, can't wait :D

  • Still tough to beat Xiaomi for price though. can get 2 xiaomi for this discounted LIFX.

  • Thanks OP I love these!

  • I bought 2 of the original globes, both failed separately within the 2 year warranty period.
    LIFX was kind enough to send me the newer (Home Kit compatible) model for free. Didn't have to send back the broken too, just had to throw them in the bin.

    • Same, excellent customer service.

      My original bulb had an issue with a buzzing sound (which they got me to record), they didn't stock originals anymore, so they sent me a new one and told me to bin the old one.

  • was hoping these would work with the kasa app (due to all the Hp power links on sale), now i have to download another app :(

  • Great deal, OP! Pity the code only works once per account….

  • Good deal, I only really need one though… hmm

  • Shame there aren’t any e27 in stock

  • Thanks OP. I have a Xiaomi one but find its a tad dark for the room I have it in. It can go to a smaller room and will use these two couple of these can go to main room. The Xioami App is occasionally annoying as well as drops off too often. Hope these work better.

  • Fantastic price for this great quality bulbs, shame the offer is not applicable on downlighting, would have bought 10.

  • If only this worked on the GU10.

  • Thank you OP. Never pulled the trigger on these but decided to buy 4x to try them out!

  • Thanks OP, another 2 bulbs to the collection to complete the mood lighting!

  • Screw bulbs sold out. :(

  • “Your cart does not meet the requirements for the B1G1 discount code“

  • This seems like a great deal. Does it apply to the downlights too or just the A19/E27? We've got a homekit setup and only got Hue. Thinking about swapping out the downlights around the house but every time we look we get really confused lol. It seems like we got this light currently in our existing setup. Anyone can shed light on whether the Lifx downlights or Philips Hue downlights (or both) will fit? Any experts out there? Thanks!

    • I am no expert but your downlight is similar to mine and I believe that lifx downlight should work long as you have 105mm deep space in the false ceiling. Lifx offers 60 days return policy so if you are keen, you can buy some and try and if they don't work/fit then return it.

      I want to buy 6 of the downlights myself but waiting for some good deal - For $99, I find it hard to justify the price.

      PS. No idea about Philips, the link you have provided is for white light light 600lm and Lifx is 800lm Color I see no comparison here.

  • I've been waiting for this sort of deal to come back. Thanks OP! Almost all the bulbs in my house are E27, so managed to use both codes and ordered 6!

  • Bought four because my neighbour tried breaking into my shed and I work away a lot. Gonna mess with him by turning them on randomly.
    He stole two of my arlos… Was wearing a mask and gloves though. But I know it was him.

    Thanks OP! These will go great with my new cctv system, too.

    • Are the Arlo's any good? I'm considering buying the Arlo Pro 2's when they are a good price.

      • Yeah they're pretty good but I think the main negative point is that it only works when there is internet. I have the original arlo for about 2-3 years and no issue besides there was 3 times when their own servers went down. Other than that, if you use the free account, it only saves video for a week (but you can use stringify to help you save it to google drive).

        • I think I read that the Pro is able to record to a USB device plugged into the base.
          Not 100% sure as I have the original model

        • @DeepHorizon: Oh you're right! According to arlo site for arlo pros "If you connect a USB device, the camera records to both the cloud and the USB device. If the camera and base station are powered on, but your Internet connection goes down, the camera continues to record to the USB device." Guess now not many downs just the price….. now I wonder if I can upgrade my original base station to the new ones and use the same cams.

  • Which one is the correct size for a flood lamp? Thinking mini might be better

  • keeps telling me my cart value must be less than or equal to 1 with either code :\

    • What lights are you adding to cart. Worked for me when I added 2 to cart then used B1G1 code.

    • i had this problem trying to buy the regular A19 B22's. Looks like there was only 1 in stock. Tried 4 of the A19+ and worked perfectly.

      • Yeah I can do it on the + but not the regular… No idea what the difference is but I guess it's still a good deal?

  • I get the same error, value must be equal to or less than 1

  • Not working anymore. Not able to add second light.

  • All sold out, I think.

  • A19's are all sold out, + model is still available though. I got 2 of them for the hell of it

  • all gone now?

  • Yeah I got the last 6 of A19 + Night Vision… B2G2 and B1G1 worked on the A19 + Night Vision btw

  • back in stock. just bought 4 bayonet with code B2G2.

  • Just got 4 E27s with B2G2.
    Back in stock. Price is actually $39.50 each, not $39.99.

  • Wish they had screw caps although ordered 2x Bayonet type on Sat, i.e. buy now worry later! I went to Ikea yesterday and all lights there are screw cap! Amazed they don't even sell adapters. Downside with Adapters is they add extra height and bulbs sit high in lamps. Mmmm, now to find adapters locally (cheap).

  • Out of stock again on E27s wanted to get more… even if they had the +

  • They took away the special price but have B2G2 free so i guess it is $20 more but still get 2 free.

    Just ordered

  • What a hassle! Mine arrived today, and what a horrible android app, Ive tried 2 phones and still can't connect a light bulb. This is looking more like a return, I should have stuck with Xiaomi or at least read the app reviews.

    • Mine arrived and both work fine via the app. I did however have to run the setup twice on both initially.
      First attempt detected the bulb and goes through its install phase i.e. asks for WiFi password and carrys on but seemed to fail at the last hurdle. At that point the bulb no longer showed at all.

      I then did a reset (turn bulb on and off 5 times (slowly) and the bulb flashes with the colours after a second or two.
      I the went through the process from scratch and it finalises without issue.
      The firmware update also took two attempts for me on one of them.

      My biggest hurdle was working out how to change the colour and brightness. I eventually spotted the little arrow on the bottom of the bulb (in the app). Great app and much prefer it compared to Xiaomi (which I also like). These bulbs are much brighter as well.
      Hope you work it out or perhaps you were unlucky and received a faulty one.