Beware Possible Smart Watch Scam From

Hello Ozbargainers,

Anybody else been stung by this.

My work colleague bought an 80% discounted smartwatch from for $40USD, when it came it turned out to be a LEMFO LEM5 3g Smartwatch, quite an impressive watch for the price.

I decided to get one myself, he gave me the link to and I duly ordered one, paying $40USD by Paypal, the watch finally arrived from China yesterday after about 3 weeks, turned out to be a Slimy smartwatch worth $7 USD.

My friend originally saw the watch on Instagram, I think that this may be a social media scam whereby somebody orders a watch and is sent a good item , all of his mates pile in and get sent crap. Another workmate is also waiting on a watch from them we'll see what he gets.

I have lodged a claim with the seller and Paypal, buyer beware.


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    Just get your money back from PayPal, or just reverse the CC.


    the title should be "beware scam from"


    when it came it turned out to be a

    What does this even mean? Did your colleague not know what they were buying until it arrived?


    Or your colleague accidentally sent you the wrong link? Easy to do if hew was searching for lots of different models and wasn't diligent when sending you the link.

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    Plot twist; OP's colleague is the scammer.

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    Pretty sure your work mate is in on the scam!

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    One of these was posted recently here by a fake UK shopify store. Rep ripped into me for calling it out and the mods removed.


      The watch is crap anyways. It's selling for ~$100, but realistically isn't worth it.
      Quite poor materials and overall quality. Clunky software. Difficult to assess security (sending data to scammers? Able to be hacked easily?). And not very pleasing to the eye when its actually in-the-hand.

      Its just another thing to pile on Mt Waste after 2 months of use.


    My colleague received the watch in the original ad, no brand name was mentioned it happened to be a LEM5. When I ordered the same (LEM5) watch was shown. If you look at their website today, they show a similar watch with high specs fo $19. I'll post when the other guy gets his watch.

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      no brand name was mentioned it happened to be a LEM5.

      Then it's lucky he got an LEM5.

      When I ordered the same (LEM5) watch was shown.

      You mean the same "no brand name was mentioned" watch right? So nowhere saying it's an LEM5.


    Conclusion is:

    Numerous emails to went unanswered. I made a claim through Paypal which and received a full refund yesterday.
    My other workmate also received a crappy watch, he has claimed through Paypal too.

    Beware of this type of social media scam and if you have any doubts about the merchant always use Paypal.

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