Where in Sydney to Buy an All in 1 New Desktop PC Urgently?

Hi fellow OzBargainers.

I need to URGENTLY replace my desktop PC that I bought as refurbished @ HN ,in Alexandria a few years back, and that my techie is unable to repair any more, as replacement motherboard impossible to find , eg. only AMAZON US , USED, (no shipping to AUS - as non digital). Amongst other problems, too many to list (bummer)

Techie had a look there 2 days ago …everything is around $1000 for the refurbished office one, and for old office equip. I am asking for new problems again further down the line (like now for parts)

I am looking to buy a brand new one now, and am faced to buy retail as my techie does not have the time to build one for me, as once offered a decade ago.

I only need a BASIC one, (but with Disc) as using my iPad for every day personal use, but need a desktop PC for the 'home office chores'.

I please ask recommendations of where to go and buy this without wasting too much time, or money,

Officeworks / HN/ GOOD GUYS / JB Hi-Fi come to mind.

[ I am in Enmore NSW and rely on public transport ]

I had a look a various websites, but am open to suggestions if I overlooked one, or which retailer, would be the best option for me - on a low budget - for a 'medium sized PC'

Any comment, idea to help me finding the right place to look and buy, would be much appreciated and thanked ahead in advance :)

*thank you very much *

Any help / tips appreciated



    You only need a basic computer and have been quoted $1000 for a refurbished?

    If you're really urgent and need one asap. Purchase another refurb for under $300 and will have excellent specs for a basic comp. You just need a monitor.

    Plenty refurb machines go on sale on here but if you cant wait dont wait for a sale.


    What's your budget?

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    Have a browse through the DELL refurbished store.

    Also who the heck uses cd/DVD’s ? It’s 2018 do you really need this ? Most wont include them.

    Also what’s your budget ?


      I use cd/DVD’s


      I know it is old tech but for example wedding videos might come in DVD still today and I still know some people who still try passing data around in CDs and DVDs from music to home movies to pirate games or well older games.


    You can get a brand new Acer i5 for under $1300 from TGG.


    Go to nearest JW computers. Their prices usually already very competitive.

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    go to umart / msy

    pickup their pre-built PC


    MWave if you want to browse what's available and look at the specs online.

    But I second phunkydude - go to almost any computer shop and they'll generally have one or two already built systems for walk-in customers, but you'll have to physically go in to see the computer/specs.


    thanks for all replies so far ,

    from each and everyone of you

    my budget is the lowest possible ,

    just need a very basic home office computer ,

    no frills no thrills

    the refurbished ones near me are too expensive,

    Past my budget .

    I had a look today out and about , saw 2 floor models for 399.00

    which would be my budget ,

    but the tech friend who's doing the setup , argues that he doesn't have the time to come each time something is wrong ( possibly ) with a used one . and quite right as its time for which he doesn't get paid for at his clients .

    I only just started looking …

    really grateful for the responses I got so far , to give me food for thought.

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