Kogan Ultra Fast 20,000mAh Power Bank with Type-C (PD)

Re: https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/kogan-ultra-fast-20000mah-power...

Anyone have any thoughts or experience with these? Despite currently on pre-order until 8th Aug, they look quite good.
Wondering if it supports pass-through so that the power bank can be charged at the same time as it's charging devices?
And can output devices be charged simultaneously? Eg. all 4 USB's receiving the full 3A at the same time?

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    I have this. The manual that comes with it advises not to charge the power bank with USB-C while it's being used to charge other devices.
    I can't remember if all ports can output full current at the same time, but it seems unlikely.


      Would prefer a power bank that can do both.


      Apart from this pass-through limitation, have you found the power bank to be reliable? It's so much cheaper than the other PD power banks out there…


    36w for type c and 40w max combine.

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