NBN's Issue, or Telco Provider?

Long story - when we moved into our house 18 years ago, we could only access dial-up internet. So we could always use both phone and internet, we had two phone lines installed. A few years later we were able to get ADSL, so we had one of the phone lines disconnected. We can now get NBN here, so we signed up for Optus NBN FTTC, waited for the activation date (20/7) and installed the equipment provided. We couldn't get it working and spent I two hours with online chat with no success. Hubby thought maybe they had connected it to the wrong line, so I asked online chat if this was possible. They had no clue, so hubby decided to hook it up to the other line and it worked. I got back online with Optus chat, but they couldn't seem to understand the issue, no matter how many times I explained it. We would just leave it, but as the other line is in a different area of the house, we can only get wireless, which is no better than our previous ADSL. My question is, is this issue likely to be with Optus, or with NBN Co.?


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