Free Trial: Worldwide Wi-Fi (7 Days) & SOS Alerts (30 Days) @ Chubb Travel Insurance - Chubb Connect App [Registration Required]


Link to Sign up

iOS App
Android App

Sign up without a policy number
Go to Dashboard.
On left side, click on vouchers (Under my account).
There will be two vouchers to redeem (Valid for 180 days).

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    The link says "register with your policy number"


    It says 7 days pass?


      Redeem your voucher when you travel

      I need to clarify that but I think you get a new voucher. If not sign up with new email.

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    FREE Wi-Fi Pass with Chubb Travel Insurance
    Chubb Connect Wi-Fi Pass is a global Wi-Fi solution that allows you to connect to supported hotspots without paying any extra fees and without the hassle of signing up or logging in at every location. Purchase Wi-Fi pass in our online Shop or if you're a Chubb Travel Insurance policy holder, follow the steps below to claim your FREE Wi-Fi pass.

    1. Register an account with your Chubb Travel Insurance policy number.
    2. A FREE Wi-Fi voucher will be added to your account. Vouchers are valid for 180 days.
    3. Download the Chubb Connect app and login.
    4. To start your Wi-Fi pass, redeem your voucher on the app by clicking on the "Claim" button.
    5. The app will automatically set up your device: wait until you see the confirmation that your device is successfully set up.
    6. Connect to a supported Wi-Fi hotspot and start surfing!



    Only for 7 days. Don’t know how you would get 180 day pass without account. Am I missing something?


      Hello Gutsa the Chubb global WI-FI voucher is valid for 180 days from account creation. The voucher will sit on your account for up to 180 days until expiring. Once the voucher is activated the WI-FI will last for a 7 day trial period.


    Registered and claimed the voucher. However, in order to find the hotspot, your phone need to be first connected to a network (i.e using mobile data or connect to any other existing wifi network). Then the Chubb app will search for nearby hotspot. Is that how it supposed to work?

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