Where to Buy a Tinted Bonnet Protector for Honda Odyssey 2014?


I am looking for a tinted bonnet protector/bug guard for my Honda Odyssey 2014 (ref to the car: https://www.redbook.com.au/cars/details/2014-honda-odyssey-v...)

Anyone know where I can source them from?

Unfortunately Honda AU do not have them.


  • RC Model

    Remote Controlled?

    • Got no idea why it is RC. But that's how honda name this car as - RC MY14 VTi-L Wagon 7st 5dr CVT 7sp 2.4i

  • https://m.ebay.com/itm/Genuine-Honda-Odyssey-Hood-Air-Deflec...

    Found one. It's not in Australia.

    Edit. Sorry may be wrong year model.

    • Thanks for trying. Unfortunately the link provided is for a US model. The odyssey sold in Australia is for Asian market. I doubt it will fit.

  • Try Monkey Warehouse in Coopers Plains, Brisbane. They do a lot of bodykits, weathershields, bonnet protectors, etc.

    Their website is sht though.

    • Have you use them previously? I am based in Melbourne. However shall check them out. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Does your car really need protection from bugs? How big are these bugs?

    • Its serve more as a guard against stone chips, bugs and etc. Aesthetic purpose

      • I’d rather risk a stone chop or two than have to clean out the leaves and crud from behind a protector. I’ve taken them off my last two cars for that reason and haven’t really suffered stone damage that a protector would have saved me from.

        I’d only fit one if I regularly (like weekly) drove dirt roads where there was plenty of other traffic.

      • Oh yeah cars look better with plastic strips on the front. Especially minivans.

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