Xiaomi Robot Vacuum First Generation Keep Hitting Charging Station

Hi OzBargainers!

My Xiaomi Robot vacuum cannot identify the charging station and bumps into it and tries to pass through it before eventually getting stuck right there. This always happens when I start the Zone cleanup and occasionally during regular full home clean up too. When I start Zone cleanup while it is in Charging state, it tries to continue going forward, i.e. in the direction of charging station and gets stuck right there.

Has anyone also noticed this sort of behaviour?


  • Try removing vac and adding.
    Then place on dock.

    Singapore server.

    • Thanks, will give it a shot. Dont believe i can use Singapore server as i also have Xiaomi camera which only works if server is set to mainland China.

  • Other than that, do you recommend this robo vac? I'm considering getting one for a friend

    • Yes, its a good vac!!

      But don't get the one with the built in mop, not so good.

      • I would second to that. It won't replace your conventional vacuum but you would notice that you would be doing manual vacuum lot less if you use robot vacuum on regular bases.

  • This always happens when I start the Zone cleanup

    I've noticed the zone cleanup is buggy and stopped using it on mine. The vac was getting 'stuck' in areas and trying to drive through/in to objects very often. It was like it got lost and ignores its sensors and tries to drive through walls etc.

    On normal cleaning its fine, so I'm guessing its something to do with the zone cleanup feature they added. On each firmware update I try it out to see if its improved.

    But yeah, you might need to pretend you don't have a zoned cleanup option and stop using it, as I think thats the cause of the issue. Its what I've done ;)

    • +1

      Yep i have observed the same behaviour when using zone clean up, it bumps into things and walls so badly, you start hoping it didn't break any sensors.

  • Unlikely cause but are there any mats or anything that slide while it's moving? Mine was cleaning once while on a rug and I moved the rug while it was still on-top of it.. it got a little confused and thought she was a metre from where she really was! Was fine once re-docked though.

    • Nope, it sits on carpet and there is no moving object anywhere near it or charging station. Thanks for your input though.

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