Aquarium Lights

I'm looking for a cheap aquarium light that can be attached to the underneath of the wooden lid.

I was thinking I could even use the Xiaomi strip lights, would they be suitable do you reckon? That way I get day and night light option..



    If you have some light demanding plants, LED's might not give out enough light for the plant to survive.


    What do you want the lights for? To see the fish better or to help your plants to grow? There are plenty of LED aquarium lights you can get now, what size is your tank? What fish do you have in it? Running lights 24/7 will add to your algae growth, especially cheap and nasty lights.


      It's a 5ft tank, is empty at the moment just looking to start buying the equipment in.

      I imagine we won't bother with live plants, just decent looking fake ones. The lights will be to show the fish better.

      Fish types will be neons, guppies, mollies, danios

      I figured the Xiaomi strip would be a cheap easy to install option, with the added bonus of telling Google to turn them off/on


    OP are you running T5 or T8 tubes at the moment?

    The best options I have seen so far are to replace the flouro tubes with LED tubes that can use the same existing hardware.

    I have found the flouro tubes to have the same benefit for plants as LEDs except LEDs are slightly cheaper to run and have the beautiful shimmering effect.


    This item works well for me. 1 metre strip cost ~ $9, zip-tie to lid, you'll need a 12V power source which can be recycle from a set of Xmas tree lights etc.

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