How Best to Spend My AmEx Gateway Points for flight to Singapore?

Hi guys,

Looking for a bit of help on how to best spend the points I've got at the moment ($400 amex travel credit + ~130k gateway points from the AMEX explorer).

I'm looking to fly to Singapore in the first week of October but am wondering how best to spend these points/credits/my own cash to get the best value? e.g. should i convert the points to a FF program? or just book it all as is on the AMEX portal?

Thanks in advance


  • There's been a lot of Singapore return promos with Qantas and BA for about $600 so the travel credit could take you most of the way there.

    If you're up for the risk, SIA has a monthly 'Spontaneous Escapes' promo for redemptions in the next month. So if your city appears on the list, you can potentially get a J redemption for the points.

  • If there's availability 130k Velocity points (when converted) can get you return to Singapore in Business class (~ 65000 points one way plus $80 or so tax).

  • Why don't you buy a cheap QF flight to SIN for $500 or $50 after the credit and sell your points on ozbargain? You'd get close to $1200 if you convert you 130,000 MR points to QF or VA points (97,500) which would pay for accommodation for 5 nights. So you'd get a great holiday for $50.

    PS - you'd also earn 5,000 QF points from the flight which is worth $60, so the holiday would be free.