Uni Students Giving Back - Volunteer Programs

Hi all!

Myself and a few fellow final year uni classmates are seeking to give back to young adults who are getting back on their feet.

What we seek to do:
Are there any avenues/programs that we are able to volunteer for that fit this sort of criteria:

  • casual attendance (preferably at night)
  • allows us to talk to those seeking going to uni or looking for work/interviewing and want advice
  • not a serious environment, something at like a PCYC
  • Sydney area

Thanks all!


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    Check with your uni. There's usually programs to help indigenous high schoolers make it to uni.

    • Good idea. Though OP and friends might fast turn into "racists" if they did… I find that most of the people who act high-minded and 'tolerant' are just those who've never dealt with the people they usually defend.

  • -3

    To actually do good? Go teach night school and don't get involved on a personal level with the underprivileged.

    To feel good, go befriend the underprivileged and let them subconsciously/conciously grow reliant/manipulate you.

  • Check to see if AIME have any mentoring programs in your city! https://aimementoring.com/

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    The soup kitchen is a good way to do this. Or tutoring for indigenous /disadvantaged/1st gen migrant students.

  • I commend you for this, but your wording:

    are seeking to give back to young adults

    is strange. What did those young adults give you, that you're now "giving back"?

    In any case, if you want to do this in a way that doesn't leave you disillusioned and depressed, there are always new students needing help with English, especially conversational English. They also will be highly motivated and you'll actually see improvement with these people, more so than with other potential groups.

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