Where Can I Get an Expansion Valve for My 2007 Civic?

G'day OzB,

So I've been having an ongoing issue with the A/C consistently blowing warm in my 2007 Civic. Took it to a mechanic last year who replaced the compressor at considerable expense - didn't fix the problem. After consulting another mechanic, I was advised that the TX valve or H block was failing and needed to be replaced - only problem is, they couldn't source a replacement, and told me to go to the dealership.

I'm concerned about inflated pricing from the dealership - which is why I've tried looking online, but to no avail. If anyone happens to have any ideas on where I could find a TX valve outside of a dealership I'd be very grateful.



  • Is there such a thing as an automotive air conditioning specialist?



  • Wreckers?
    However,A/C system is better to leave to a qualified mechanic.
    To replace the Tx valve the refrigerant needs be reclaimed. I believe they all using R-134a.
    According to code of practice once the A/C system opens to air. the filter dryer needs be replaced as well.
    To conduct such job you need reclaim pump, refrigerant cylinder, scale and vacuum pump etc.

    It is not a small job and it's definitely not a DIY job like oil change or brake pad change.

    But again, if you can get a cheap part from wreckers and hopefully you can find someone willing to fit it for you for a mate's price.

    Good luck